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For those who wished that they'd be able to sing inside their car while having a long drive, while relaxing at the sea side or if you just want to celebrate an occasion in your own backyard and your planning to sing your heart out, now you can! Sing anytime and anywhere using Platinum's newest product, the Alpha Mic Karaoke.

Platinum Karaoke, which is known to provide high quality and high definition karaoke machine and accessories decided to give you something that is beyond what everyone can imagine and is considered as a game changer in the Karaoke Industry. 

Last September 22, 2016, I am very lucky to be part of Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke Launch Party which was held at The Peninsula Manila. They displayed the different scenarios wherein you can enjoy singing your favorite songs using the Alpha Mic Karaoke, may it be during a road trip, a beach party or at your own backyard. 

To give you a bit of introduction as to what Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke is all about, it is a portable karaoke that has a lot of unique features like full HD capabilities that will provide you superb video and a high fidelity sound output quality that will make your karaoke experience turn into a whole new level. Also, it has a 24gb multimedia console where you can store and watch your favorite movies and series, listen to your favorite song and even record your live performances. 

This new addition to the Platinum Karaoke products is created to be a Smart Karaoke that can browse and surf the net and share your phone's display onto the big screen, making it an all-in-one entertainment package. You can use all these features using the Platinum Wi-fi dongle that can access the internet and mirror your smartphone through Miracast. It is also the first ever karaoke unit that you can charge using a power bank or via USB port.

That's not all, you can download Platinum's digital song book application, both in Google Play and iTunes, wherein you can search your favorite songs through your smart phone. Lastly, this portable karaoke unit contains over 17,000 collection of OPM and English songs with 100 new song updates every month.

During the launch, Platinum Karaoke also introduced their newest endorsers who are none other than, Aldub: Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. When asked why Aldub, well they easily answered by saying that Platinum Karaoke is just like Aldub, both have an element of wholesome fun and entertainment with a vibe that is fresh and pulsating. They even performed a short song number using the Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke. Check out my video below:

“Platinum Karaoke knows that Alden and Maine embody the same personality and vibe of the new Alpha Mic,” quipped Ruth Ana Bautista, Platinum's assistant marketing manager. “Aside from that, both of them are also known to strengthen bonding relationships, having strong ties with their respective families, and attesting that karaoke is a big part of their momentous family bondings.” 

And just like the Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke, ALDUB is a truly a game changer. They are the phenomenal love team that rocked afternoon television’s audience – nothing like anyone has ever seen and experienced before. Their tandem is organic, fresh, believable and full of life. And this is what continuously endears them to their fans.

After the anniversary of their famous characters and the launch of their 1st movie together, Alden and Maine are set to reach a whole new level in their careers – next level as they would say. They are still set to go to new heights and who knows, to a new level in their "love team" relationship.

Platinum Karaoke, together with Alden and Maine, are definitely ready for the next level as they bring music to life and life to music! And with the brand’s goal to bring positive vibes into Filipino households and provide the ultimate next level karaoke experience, they are definitely on track!

Truly, Platinum Karaoke is the only choice for Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. With thousands of songs more than what its competitors provide in the market, top brass sound quality and convenience, and with their array of innovative and revolutionary products made available locally and globally, there is definitely no other choice for these two amazing and inspiring performers.

I had so much fun during the event, although I would've been the happiest person there if I got to bring home a new Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke that was raffled off that night. Still, I am very much thankful, especially to Ms. Gwen of GJC Public Relations for the invitation. 

For those who are interested to purchase their very own Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke, this product is now available in all leading music stores nationwide and online at Platinum Karaoke's Website. If you want to learn more about the Alpha Mic and to be updated with ongoing promos and other new products, follow them on their Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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