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Whenever I attend and cover events, I use my smart phone to capture photos and videos that I will be using on my blog and social media posts. I also try to do facebook live when I have a fast internet connection which result to my phone's low battery life. Another reason why my phone usually experience battery drainage is because ever since Pokemon Go's official launch, I've been very addicted to it and every time I play the game, I have to turn on my cellular data which consumes my phone's battery life faster. This made me want to buy a durable and efficient power bank ASAP. 

Then, I got an email from sir Ian of Think Big Events and Media Management inviting me to Anker and Power Mac Center product launch last July 28, 2016 at SM City North EDSA Annex - Cyberzone and since it was near my office, I confirmed my attendance.

As one of the emerging industry leaders in support device and mobile power, Anker has been dedicated to create high quality products at very affordable prices. Their in-demand products are the Power Core Series which are actually incomparable to other brands due to its Multi Protect, Power IQ and Voltage Boost. 

The MultiProtect controls the device's temperature, stabilizes input and output current, has an auto shut-off sleep mode, power overload recovery and it protects the input and output voltage surge, battery cell and short circuit. The Power IQ makes Anker's Power Core the fastest charging product may it be an Iphone or an Android Phone. Lastly, the Voltage Boost overcomes cable resistance to further increase charging speed.

To prove to all the attendees how fast an Anker Power Core really is, they had an experiment wherein 2 Iphones with drained batteries were then charged using 2 different power banks:

With Alex Diaz (host during the event)
Anker Power Core on the left and Brand X on the right

The Anker Power Core was indeed the faster charging product as shown on the picture above having a 27% battery charge compared to Brand X with only 4% battery charge. 

Their Power Core Series are composed of 3 products:
  • Power Core 10,400 mAh (P2,450.00) - fastest possible charge speed up to 3 amps. It has 2 fast-charging ports to enable you to charge 2 gadgets simultaneously and its matte finish prevents smudges and fingerprints on your product. 

  • Power Core 15,600 mAh (P3,450.00) - provides high capacity power to for a certain number of days due to its enormous 4.8A output that enable you to charge gadgets simultaneously

  • Power Core 20,100 mAh (P4,450.00) - it has an output of 4.8 amps that can charge an iPhone 6 seven times. It also has the fastest possible charging speed among its contemporaries.

Besides their impressive Powercore Series, they also have 2 other products that are also something that you might want to check out:

Their Nylon Braided Lightning Cable enables you to sync and charge your Iphone and Ipad with speed up to 20% faster than non-certified cables. Their cables are available in silver, black and gold and every cable has a unique verifiable serial number and authorization chip issued by Apple to ensure 100% compatibility with any Lightning device. It is incredibly durable due to the premium nylon fabric used to create the product. You can get this for only P1,150.00.

They also have the Powerport 60W 6 Port Wall Charger which is perfect for full speed charging of multiple devices. It is built with industry grade materials and premium circuitry that was recently awarded with the highest energy efficiency rating (DOE 6) by the US Department of Energy. It runs 60 watts of power through 6 ports and you can purchase this for only P1,950.00.

For those who are interested to try out these amazing products from Anker, you can check them out at select Power Mac Center branches nationwide. You can visit Anker and Power Mac Center's Facebook Page for more details.

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