Kodanda Archery Range SM MOA Annex branch is now open!

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The first time me and my hubby tried Archery was when visited the Ati Tribe of Bohol which was a side trip during our lunch at the Rio Verde Floating Restaurant. 

Locals tried to teach us real quick on how to handle a bow and arrow and how to hit a target, but unfortunately, my arrow was only able to hit the ground. I can't even hold it up right! 

So when I got a message to try a newly opened branch of Kodanda Archery Range at SM Mall Of Asia, I grabbed the opportunity to try Archery once again. This time, I'm hoping to launch the arrow towards the target successfully. haha

This is Kodanda Archery Range's 3rd branch already. Their other two branches are located at Makati Cinema Square and at Aguirre Ave, BF Homes Parañaque. 

Just a little trivia: Kodanda, based on literature, is the Great Bow used by Rama (the 7th avatar of Hindu God Vishnu) that helped him eliminate evil men.

photo grabbed from Wikipedia

Before the start of our session, they asked us to place our bags on a designated area and remove accessories such as watch and bracelets. They also asked me to tie my hair so it won't get caught on the bow. You should also read the Rules framed on the wall to be able to behave well during your stay at Kodanda Archery Range. Next they made us wear Archery accessories such as the arm guard, the quiver and the finger tab.

Then our range instructor taught us his whistle signals: one whistle means start shooting; two whistles means get your bow from the rack; three whistles means retrieve the arrows and four or more whistles means STOP SHOOTING. Luckily, we got the whole range to ourselves, which means we can retrieve our arrows and shoot targets faster because we don't need to wait for any other people to finish shooting and retrieving their arrows.

Tips from the instructor:
  • Rest the bow on your shoe while you place the arrow on the correct position.
  • Relax the arm holding the bow grip while you pull the bow string towards your chin.
  • Close your left eye to view the target.
  • Release the arrow by just opening your hand to prevent the bow from moving/getting out of focus

Not bad for our first Kodanda Archery Range experience! I'm very happy to get a bulls-eye! Although I wasn't able to score a bulls-eye when the target was moved further.

We had so much fun and will surely come back and practice our shooting skills again! I would like to thank Ms. Isay of Kodanda Archery Range for the opportunity and I'm really hoping that you would open a branch in Quezon City soon. 

You can also experience a Katniss Everdeen moment at Kodanda Archery Range for just P580.00 per person/hour which is inclusive of the equipment rental, basic instructions and target paper. But if you feel like you want to learn more about this sport and you want to seriously enhance your shooting skills, Kodanda Archery Range offers lessons composed of one-on-one sessions with a Range Instructor. For those interested, you may call them at the numbers posted below. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram or check out their Website to get updates on their ongoing promos.

Kodanda Archery Range

*SM MOA Annex
111 A, MOA Annex Bldg, MOA Complex, Pasay City

*BF Homes
2nd Floor Metrostar Mall, Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque City

Upper Basement, Makati Square, Chino Roces Ave, Makati City

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