Have a fuel free and Eco-friendly ride with CDR King's California E-bike

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I just heard from the radio this morning that since January 2016 up to present, gas prices have gone up to P5.00 which was quite high for such a short span of time. This has been a problem for motorists and even for us commuters since gas prices going up means PUV/PUJ fare going up as well. With this never ending issue, have you not ask yourself of any alternative way to avoid these problems?

Well, CDR King certainly thought about it as it they launched the newest models of its product, the California EcoBike. This electronic bike can either be charged on an electric outlet or through solar charging, which means there will be no fumes created plus it is very convenient without having to use gas for it to run. 

Currently, CDR King and California Ecobike are holding the Libreng E-bike promo where successful participants gets a free Reedley 2 E-bike! Check out the mechanics below:

1. Purchase 1 unit of E-bike worth P10,000 up.
2. Sign an application form and submit 2 valid IDs. Once approved, you will be given a referral ID card.
3. Participant must accompany every referred buyer during purchases.
4. A successful referral will only be approved if:
  • Referred buyer purchased an E-bike worth P10,000 up
  • Transaction was made within the promo period of April 15, 2016 to July 15, 2016.
  • Transaction was made on the same branch where the participant is enlisted.
5. After 10 successful referrals, participant can now avail of his/her new Reedley 2 E-Bike by presenting the Referral ID card with 2 Valid IDs. After 3 working days, store will call the participant to claim the unit.
6. Redemption Period is 60 days from the end of promo. 

They also have another promo specifically for mall goers at Star Mall, San Jose where iRovers and Malibu can be rented for a minimal fee to be used within the vicinity of the mall. Just provide a Valid ID to be able to rent a unit.

For more information, visit CDR King: E-Bike's Website and Facebook Page.

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