What to expect at the 2016 Environmental and Education Summit straight from the VIPs

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Last June 5, I was very honored to be part of an exclusive event as upcoming summits, Environmental and Education, were discussed by 2 very important persons: Ms. Digna Rosales, President of the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines and Dr. Date Guevarra, former Polytechnic University of the Philippines President at Cafe Ysabel, San Juan City.

Ms. Digna Rosales - FDAP President
The first part of the program was all about Fashion as FDAP President, Ms. Digna Rosales formally announced that her organization is now back on track as she shared some of their latest exhibits that has been very successful like the EMBOA/Ermita-Malate Business Owners Association's Flores De Ermita. During the event, young designers showcased Filipiniana costumes through a Sagala from the streets of Ermita to Robinsons Manila.

photo grabbed from Joyrney To Life
FDAP, in partnership with the Filipino Heritage Festival Inc and SM Megamall, also had a fashion show event last May 20 entitled "Metamorphosis" which featured ternos (butterfly sleeved dresses) and street wears with a Filipino twist created by 30 Filipino designers.

photos grabbed from SM Megamall's Facebook Page
An exhibit was also took place last May 22 on the same venue with 20 Filipino designer participants.

photos grabbed from Business World
Ms. Digna also announced upcoming events that will feature pieces created by young and veteran fashion designers. 

FDAP will render a fashion show on the 2nd National Integrated Waste Management Exhibition for the 2016 Environmental Summit that will feature pieces made out of sustainable materials that are considered eco-friendly. 

After Ms. Digna Rosales' discussion, the next speaker was Dr. Dante Guevarra who then gave his opinion to Kto12 program, his thoughts on what seem to be wrong with the current education system, and what may be done to improve it. 

He actually agrees on the change of education system to Kto12 because he shared that we are one of the 2 countries left who is not practicing it. This caused a huge impact to graduates who go abroad as they are given jobs that are not suited for the course they have taken. Although he wanted to tweak on the syllabus/curriculum during college that may seem to be inappropriate and more suited for senior year.

Lastly, he also shared some of his books that you may want to check in all leading bookstores nationwide:

Other events were also discussed during the event that you may be interested to attend to:

Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming events. 

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