CD-R King's new and in-demand gadgets at affordable prices

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Time goes by really fast and on the 1st day of September, it is now officially the start of the Ber-months season. Christmas is fast approaching with more or less 4 months to go and I suggest that we start thinking about what gifts we would buy for or family and friends that they will surely put to good use in their daily lives. Usually, we get to list down our wishlists so that other people would have an idea of what stuff you want to receive from them and for the past years, I've been seeing gadgets and other techie items being written on those wishlists. Indeed, our generation has been exposed to too much technology that this have become "essentials" in our lives, well, in a good way.

From gadgets such as tablets, smart phones, consoles, camera and other electric stuff, me and my sister have been fond of buying items from the One Stop Media Provider, CD-R King, well because it is very affordable, reliable and conveniently located literally everywhere. So whenever we need something techie, we go to the nearest CD-R King Branch. Recently, we browsed the store and here are their newest and in-demand products that can be a great as a gift for your family, friends and for yourself this Christmas:

CD-R King USB 3.0 to USB Type C
USB Type C to Type C
Micro USB to USB Type C

The USB Type C is now a standard when it comes to speed. This type of connector are faster in speed and most hardware are now converting from Type A to Type C. Even Mac Users are now benefiting from their Single Type C slot and with the availability of adaptors, it is now easier to connect to other types of USB.

USB Type A to Lightning 8-Pin
USB Type A to Micro USB
These High Speed Data and Charging Cables are very in-demand because it is affordable and long lasting.

Selfie Stick Casing
This is such a great innovation! Perfect for those selfie group moments where you just have to pull the stick out of your phone casing. Wow your friends with this fun and convenient item.

Portable Solar LED light
CD-R King has been known for its Solar LED products and a new addition to that line is the Portable Solar LED light that shows sustainability at a very affordable price.

Dash Cam
Lastly, this Dash Cam is something very in-demand especially with what has been happening in our streets like road rage and accidents, etc. A great dash cam will definitely be a big help in this kinds of scenarios. Check out MB Technews review on this Dash cam for more information.  

Visit the nearest CD-R King and check out these interesting products that I'm sure you will love as much as I did. To learn more about CD-R King's newest products, follow them on their Facebook Page.

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