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Years ago, when I was trying to lose weight, I'd grab every discounted class or membership I see online. I've tried boxing sessions, dance classes, monthly trial at different gyms and eventually I picked a gym that I feel like I can dedicate myself into doing for a certain period of time. But then again, there's that moment when I tend to feel bored because of the repetitiveness of activities in the gym to a point that I just wanted to explore something different to boost my dedication to lose weight once more. Finally, I discovered a website that will suit my needs when it comes to finding the right gym/activity.

Fit Access is a website where you can book and choose from a variety of fitness activities from its partner gyms and studios. Once you signed up and become a member of Fit Access, you get to choose the type of workout that you feel would fit your mood and your passion in your fitness journey. 

To give you a bit of Fit Access history, it is founded by two athletes, Ms. Ia Hernandez and Natalie Cruz, who just want to share their love of fitness and help others find the workout they would enjoy doing, would fit their schedule and their taste/mood. “As athletes, Ia and I know that fitness is more than just a lifestyle but a way of life. With Fit Access we hope that Filipino professionals can incorporate any fitness routine they like into their weekly schedules,” says Natalie Cruz, a Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport athlete, IKSFA Level 2 Coach, and a current student of ACE Personal Trainer Certification.

I recently visited the website and applied for a membership and what I saw got me really excited because I had access to different fitness regimen that are new to my vocabulary and some which I haven't tried before but would love to experience soon. It also has different schedules which will be very useful for busy mommy/corporate employee like me. You will be able to get a specific time that will suit your schedule, which is truly convenient to professionals and students. 

They currently have 30 partner gyms/studios and they are continuously growing to let members choose from a wide range of gyms from different parts of the metro. What's even better is that you don't need to call for your chosen schedule and instead, you just have to click on your preferred slot and you're good to go.

You might say that this is just like any other booking platform that's getting popular these days but what makes Fit Access better than the others is that it offers the most flexible subscription plans that will suit every individual's needs. You get to choose from subscriptions that can let you access 6-12 visits per month depending on your schedule. Co-founder Ia Hernandez adds, “Our monthly membership plans are perfect for those who might already have an existing gym membership but would like to complement their workouts with new activities. If they’re thinking of picking up a new sport, Fit Access is definitely a great platform for that as well!”

Besides the number of visits per month, members get to receive exclusive deals from partner establishments like discounts on membership packages, fitness workshops and invites to health and fitness events! I'll be trying out some activities soon so I may share my experience to all of you. Super excited to try out boxing once again with their partner gym just a ride away from my office or maybe try archery and fencing which they also offer.

For those interested to try Fit Access, you can visit their website to know more about their memberships and their partner establishments. I'm sure a plan will fit your busy schedule just like me. Share your experience as well on the comment section below!

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