80's Varona Salon is now back with Matrix Glam Squad Salon

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If i remember it correctly, may last visit to the salon was last April where I had my hair colored. Wasn't able to have a treatment done so it made my hair dry and frizzy. Didn't have time to have a follow up hair appointment as well due to a busy schedule but luckily last week, I was able to join Mommy Lariza of Tasteful MWAH for an overdue pampering session at a salon.

Located at 75 Timog Ave, Gil Preciosa Bldg 2, Quezon City, the Matrix Glam Squad is owned by Ms. Ivy Varona who came from the Varonas who were very popular in the Salon Industry especially in the 80's. To continue that legacy, she opened up the Matrix Glam Squad Salon which is a revival Prestige Salon with luxurious VIP Stations, Nail Lounge and Gentleman's Barbershop.

They are known to render excellent services, high quality products, luxurious atmosphere and acceptable prices to all their customers because they want them to be very satisfied once they step out of their salon. What's even better is that they not only treat customers well but also their staff and management by maintaining a friendly, fair and creative work environment which respects diversity, ideas and hard work. In fact, their senior stylists are not considered staff but they are Ms. Ivy Varona's business partners.

Their Salon is composed of three floors. The first floor is where all the hair services are rendered. It is also where their Professional Hair Chemical Mixing Room or the Red Room is located:

Their comfortable massage chairs are on the second floor where the other salon services are done such as nail, waxing and makeup services:

And when you go up to the third floor, you'll be surprised with how it was designed. It is a dedicated barbershop for the Gentlemen complete with a wine bar and a shop named Kickstatik that sells snickers, shirts and even Vinyl records of classic and new songs.

After the tour, we went straight to our salon chair. Had to take a before photo before I avail their Hair Spa treatment. 

First, they washed my hair and then after patting it dry with a towel, they applied the Hair Spa product all over my hair and covered it up.

We then waited for a few minutes so that the product would be completely absorbed. While waiting, they served a TWG Earl Grey Tea Drink which is a complimentary drink given to those who avail VIP treatments. They also included a bit of nuts. They normally have different flavors for customers to choose from but the only available flavor at that time was Earl Grey. 

After a few more minutes, they rinsed my hair then they used a blower to dry my hair. Ms. Aila then used an iron curler to style my hair. Here's the result:

Super love the outcome. Thinking of getting my hair curled permanently. It made my face slightly smaller, or maybe I'm just imagining things. Haha.

Here are photos with my blogger friends and Matrix Glam Squad Management:

Thanks to ms. Aila for my curls, to Ate (sorry forgot the name) who did all the rinsing, blow drying, etc and to Ms. Ivy Varona for inviting us to try out their Hair Spa treatment. Will definitely come back to get my hair colored soon! Of course, thank you to ms. Lariza for letting me join this event. 

For those who would like to try Matrix Glam Squad Salon, check out what they offer below:

For inquiries and scheduled appointment, call 09163454984 or 3513320 or email them at matrixglamsquad@yahoo.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on promos or discounts.

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