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Online Shopping has been a trend because not only does it make it very convenient that you get to choose something and have it delivered at home but also you get to find really unique items made by new and budding entrepreneurs. 

Just last June 8, 2016, I was privileged to be invited (Thanks to Ms. Madeline Castillo) to the launch of the country's newest one-of-a-kind online venture, The Bazket, which features handmade and hard-to-find products from homegrown brands. The launching of their website happened at Warehouse Eight, Makati where The Bazket's collaborators composed of artisans, crafters and entrepreneurs, together with media and bloggers graced the event.

The event also showcased some of the products from the esteemed The Bazket collaborators such as home decors, clothes, minimalist goods, rustic crafts and vintage items. These goods fall under 8 different categories: Wardrobe, Accessories, Nourishment, Enhancement, Al Fresco, Think Tank, Home Goods and Travel Trove to reflect the personal lifestyle of every individual and The Bazket makes it sure that products are carefully crafted, sifted and packaged. 

Al Fresco offers flowers, plants and green goods perfect for your backyard or balcony.Wardrobe gives a selection of clothes in the minimalist style brought by basic cuts and quality fabrics. Nourishment offers delicious food items. Travel Trove is where you'll find travel goods and finds from different parts of the world. Home Goods features furniture, fixtures and home decors. Enhancements focuses on objects that makes everyday more special like watches, electronics, etc. Accessories are for the fashionistas as it contains bracelets, necklaces and rings. Lastly, Think Tank showcases writing instruments and paper products. Truly, The Bazket has a product for every individual.

The Bazket is more than just an online shop, it is a community that is #UniquelyBetterTogether. Aside from promoting homegrown brands, they are also advocates in protecting the environment through an eco-friendly way to deliver your goods. They partnered with Mensaheros, a delivery service that uses mountain bikes to bring packages to customers in Metro Manila.

"The Bazket is not actually just an e-commerce," claims Mr. Ivan Payawal, one of the owners of The Bazket. "What we are building is a community, a family of independent artisans. We want to uplift Filipino products into a global brand."

"I'm calling all home grown brands to stand with each other and continue all efforts to promote local goods. Whether you're getting a gift for yourself or for your special someone, always remember that there are homegrown goods at par with all our favorite imported brands.," adds Ms. Jec Valencia, also an owner of The Bazket. "Someday, our local goods will be the favorite foreign brand of people overseas and with your patronage, this vision will come to reality."

For those who are interested to collaborate with The Bazket, email and include your Brand Name, Product Line and Media Kit. They will then review your entry to know if The Bazket is the best avenue for your brand. For more information visit their Website and follow them on their Social Media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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