Masflex celebrates its 25th year anniversary with the launch of their newest brand ambassador

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I'm not really a good cook, but I try to create great dishes using recipes I get online or on magazines. I usually cook food only during Christmas and New Year just to have something new served at home. Yes, I'm a newbie at cooking and I really love to watch cooking shows on TV and even those cooking competitions that showcase professional and home cooks and I truly envy the cookwares they use. Who wouldn't want an amazing set of cookware to be used to create delicious dishes at your own home, right? Then I discovered a brand of cookware that has been creating stylish and durable products yet affordable for a newbie like me.

Actually, Masflex has been in the industry for 25 years since they brought their products in the Philippines in 1989. Back then, cookwares and kitchenwares were very limited in the country that caused users to buy very expensive global brands or utilize low-quality recycled scrap materials that can be a risk to a one's health. To provide a solution to this nationwide problem, Masflex was created (Mas - Mass Market and Flex - Flexible) to reach out and help consumers through creating good quality products at very affordable prices.

At present, Masflex is the leading cookware and kitchenware brand trusted by Filipinos. For 25 years, they've continuously provided basic products and successfully created new and innovative technological solutions in the cookware industry for both home-cooks and professional chefs. 

Their products have been patronized by the masses because of its Non-Stick Collection, both basic and high-end aluminum, with coatings imported from Daikin Japan such as Ceramic, Marble and Stone. Their latest offering, the Diamond Coating series, that came all the way from Korea are the hottest products as of the moment.

Other kitchenware and houseware products from Masflex are also in demand, again due to the durable and innovative items that can be bought at very reasonable prices. 

To celebrate their success and continuous growth as a leading brand in the cookware industry, Masflex organized a thanksgiving party and a launching party to introduce their newest Ambassadress, the "Adobo Queen", Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen.

Held at the Le Pavillion Metropolitan Park last June 16, 2016, Masflex' collections were displayed at the venue so the media can appreciate every Masflex products up close. A cooking demo also took place as brand ambassadress, Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen share her recipes through the use of Masflex cookware.

Masflex wanted an endorser who has been in the culinary industry for a very long time, has a genuine passion for food and cooking, and someone who can easily relate with the wide demographic base of consumers which was all possessed by Ms. Nancy. She is a home-maker, a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, multi-media personality, singer, band member, home cook, restaurateur, commissary operator, food writer, editor, food stylist, food show host, lecturer, Filipino food advocate, healthy food advocate, food researcher and a true blue cook. She is also from the Reyes clan, a renowned family when it comes to Filipino food in the country and the fact that she is a loyal user of Masflex products so she is very familiar with the products that she will be endorsing.

That day, she was tasked to prepare 4 of her popular dishes, the Mommy Nena's Kinulob, Lola Mereng's Adobo sa Beer, Rodrigo's Roast and Bibingka Ube Crepe Cake. All of these amazing dishes were prepared using Masflex products:

During the event, guests were also given the chance to show their cooking skills through the pancake art contest. An area was setup with crepe makers and different colored pancake mix and everyone who wanted to try was asked to wear an apron and was assisted on what to do during the process. I was able to try it, unfortunately I am not really very artistic and the end product wasn't pleasing to the eye. haha

Here's a video while I was doing my star turned "starfish" pancake:

Raffle prizes were given away during the event but the major prize was something that everyone was wishing to get their hands on. It was a huge box full of Masflex products! The winner will be so lucky to get all these:

It was indeed a great event and I get to appreciate Masflex products even more not only because I was able to see the wide range of products they offer but also, I witnessed how some of the cookwares were used during the demo and I was even able to cook a pancake on one of their crepe maker. Masflex is definitely a brand that cooks would surely enjoy using at home/work that will pump up their passion and love for cooking!

To know more about Masflex products, you may visit their Website and follow them on their Social Media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.

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