Review: WD My Passport Ultra

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For someone like me who loves to download music, movies and TV Series, my laptop will definitely need more memory to be able to store all those files. 

Last year, I bought my first ever external hard drive from Seagate (1TB) which I got for less than P2,500.00. It was cheaper than all the other brands I've checked at the mall, though it lacks design and color because this is the only style available. 

But with all those files saved including the animated films that my kids enjoy watching, my 1 terabyte external drive is close to getting full. 

Weeks ago, I checked my mail and got interested on an email about an external drive. It was the WD Passport and I decided to give it a try by contacting their PR. I really thought I will have it for free, unfortunately they were just letting me borrow it and see for myself how good their drive was. :( Moving on...

Here's what I received:

It is a WD: My Passport Ultra 1TB (Noble Blue). 

This 1 terabyte external hard drive costs P3,890.00 and it comes with a USB Cable, Backup and Security Software and a Quick Install Guide. 

It has a Backup Software that offers automatic, local and cloud backup options.

It also has a WD Security that offers a 256-bit hardware encryption to help keep your files secure. This means that when your passport was taken from you or fell into the wrong hands, he/she will not be able to have access to your files because a password is needed to open it.

WD My Passport Ultra is Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system. It can also be used with Mac OS though it need to be reformatted first. 

Transferring of files from my laptop to the passport was fast enough and there is no lagging compared to a flash drive although that is expected since it has a USB 3.0 compatibility that is known to have a transfer rate of up to 5 gigabits per second.

To summarize it all up:
  • I love the color of the passport, plus there are 3 more colors to choose from (black, white and red)
  • It is smaller than most external hard drives, making it easy to carry inside your bag or purse.
  • The WD Security (encryption) is very useful when it comes to your files' privacy.
  • Downside is it can be very pricey compared to the other brands.

Final Verdict: 

I like the totality of the WD My Passport Ultra which I would recommend to my peers, but when it comes to its affordability, which is one of my primary basis in buying stuff, I would definitely buy a brand that has the same functions and capacity at a lower cost. Hopefully they can have it on sale. :)

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