BDJ Rendezvous: A Woman Who Matters

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Last Saturday, I attended the last BDJ Rendezvous Event of 2015 entitled, "A woman who matters" at the SM Mega Atrium. It was supposed to start at 1:00pm but a lot of bellas were already lining up at the registration area as early as 12:00nn. Too bad, I wasn't able to be one of the three early birds who were given a travel kit from Wrangler. :(

Present at the event were Pond's and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf:


I checked out the Pond's booth and had my skin analyzed:

Skin Analyzer

Since my main concern is my acne that began appearing on my face last summer, the products that were suggested by the analyzer was their Acne Clear White Facial Cleanser and their White Beauty For Acne-Prone Skin. It was a good thing that I learned what products were suited for my skin because it seems like I've been using the wrong Pond's product for quite some time now. 

After my skin analysis, bellas started lining up at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf where we got these freebies:

Five minutes before 1pm, our beautiful host, Ms. Apple David asked us to settle down as the program was about to start.

The program started with a mini game sponsored by Goody Ouchless Elastics wherein 2 groups of three members each need to braid the hair of their group mates based on the kind of braid shown by the BDJ Team.

What happened next made every bella excited as Ms. Apple started drawing for the 1st set of raffle winners who will take home one of these amazing products from the BDJ Sponsors:

Luckily, I was called on the first set of raffle and won something from Celeteque. Yey! Thanks :)

Then, the first speaker was called up on stage. It was beauty blogger and professional make up artist, Ms. Nikki Duque, who talked about the Do's and Dont's on Corporate Makeup. Here are some of her tips that I jotted down:

  • Don't use fake lashes
  • Don't use glittery lip glosses
  • No to Shimmery Eye Shadows
  • Don't experiment too much
Remember, these are dont's for those working at the office. You might as well do all these on a night out after the busy weekdays.

She also discussed about her favorite brands when it comes to makeup that she really uses on her clients. From the Primer, Eyebrow/lash Makeup, Mascara, Blush and down to the Lipstick, she shared to us what makeups would fit a corporate woman that would make her feel beautiful but still professional at work. 

Ms. Nikki Duque ended her talk with the quote, "Dress the way you want to be addressed", which definitely made me realize that I should really make an effort on how I look at the office. I don't really put on make up, but I guess, making a small effort of putting primer, a little blush and gloss on the lips would make an impact on my look already. I enjoyed her talk because I learned a lot from her. 

Next, another mini game, this time it is from Subic Grand Seas Resort.

Two groups battled it out for the fastest group to answer all 3 water sport activities that we can do at the Grand Seas Resort through charade. Contestants acted out skiing, banana boat, snorkeling, etc and the winning team actually finished answering less than a minute. Bravo!

Second set of raffle winners were called up on stage, then it was time for our next speaker. Ms. Thea De Rivera is the manager and co-owner of The Girl and the Bull and 12/10, together with his real life partner Chef Gab. 

She inspired us on how we can be successful even in the things/work we least expect ourselves to be into. She talked about how lost she was before, where in she doesn't know what career would really work out for her. She tried looking for a corporate job that would jive with what she finished in school, but found herself as a successful restaurateur at present.

Here are some of the tips she shared to us on how to find that one career where we can be successful at:
  • Give 100% hardwork
  • Be open to learning something new
  • Don't lose self during hard work
  • Don't forget to have fun during the process
  • Enjoy the struggle in your journey
  • Always say Thank You
  • Always be humble and grounded
Her talk inspired all of us in Finding our passion and making a mark. Passion is always the key to success because without it, you wouldn't be happy with what you're doing making you make less outputs. It's better that you find the career you are good at plus you enjoy what you are doing.
After her talk, there was another mini game and it was sponsored by Red Mango.

Contestants were group into three and they were given puzzle pieces of different Red Mango Frozen Yogurts. Once they've put the pieces together, they have to give the exact name of the Fro-Yo assigned to them. They had a hard time figuring out what it was called, till one group was lucky enough to answered it correctly after the nth guessing. :)

Next, food was served! Yey :) It was sponsored by Mister Donut, and they also added something new, which is their Energy Donuts:

After that filling merienda, they raffled out the last batch of prizes. Then it was time for our last speaker. She was previously a member of the DLSU Lady Spikers and a fitness blogger, Ms. Melisa Gohing. 

She shared to us her fitness journey, from being one of DLSU's Lady Spiker, joining a volleyball league after graduation, having an unfortunate spinal injury and how she overcome that injury and be where she is now.

She encouraged us to start our own fitness journey (which I really need badly) by telling us why exercise is important.
Here are some of the benefits we can get if we exercise:
  • Weight loss
  • Healthier brain
  • Gain Strength
  • Less Stress
  • Decrease Health Risk
  • Better Skin

Next, choose the exercise that you will love and enjoy. There are a lot of exercises to choose from and some of what she discussed are Cross Fit, Pilates, Spin Class and Kick Boxing. There are other ways you can get in shape and it is up to you to choose what you think is best for you.

Lastly, choose your inspiration/fitspiration. Whenever you feel tired and you think of quitting, an inspiration would definitely work to set your mind on what you really want to achieve.
I definitely learned a lot from the BDJ Rendezvous: A woman who matters and since this is the last one for 2015, I'm now super excited to attend the BDJ Fair which usually happens during October. :) Before going home, I grabbed the chance to have a selfie with these gorgeous women:

Of course, thank you to BDJ and to all the sponsors for our loot bag. See you all on the next BDJ event Bellas! :)

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  1. Weight loss equals healthier brain... fine gotta get that excercise now ☺

  2. I agree, when it comes to exercise, you have to choose the one you really enjoy, instead of just going with the trends. Cause that's how it will last.

  3. I agree 110% about "do not experiment". Find a product that works for you and STICK WITH IT. My loyalty belonged to Clinique for many years now, but I recently tried Kiehl's products because I've heard such great reviews. I think I just ended up breaking out from it. Needless to say, I'm glad I didn't buy the entire line I wanted from Kiehl's and started off with just one product (a clay mask, which I love) and a few samples. Clinique, it is!

  4. I always wanted to have my skin checked. I'm sick with having to experiment a product if it works on me or not. True with choosing the exercise to do, I might as well get moving now to achieve those mentioned benefits.

  5. I always wanted to have my skin checked. I'm sick with having to experiment a product if it works on me or not. True with choosing the exercise to do, I might as well get moving now to achieve those mentioned benefits.

  6. I need one loot bag too!! I've heard about BDJ a few weeks ago, is this the same as the one with subscription box? It is an educational event to get this realistic tips from the experienced bloggers.

  7. That's a lot of things to do in a fair. You really look like you had a fun time learning about the different stuff!

  8. great loota you had! atleast its not all flyers and discpunt coupons... its more of products to be used now..

  9. You're very lucky! How I wish I was able to attend this too. Aside from the freebies, the information we get from BDJ events are priceless! That's what I'm always after. :)

  10. They had a lot of thinks and activities you can learn from here. BDJ does know how to take care of their bloggers.

  11. What a fun event! My daughter has been using this planner for some time now but she never attends the events!

  12. this is such an interesting and great event! definitely sounds fun too

  13. Wow! That's great you won in a raffle. hahaha~! Never tried BDJ box though. I only ordered once as a gift for my bestfriend.

  14. This event is so meaningful. Learning how to do corporate make-up and getting career tips is a good combo. Thanks for sharing those tips with us :)

  15. This event's for women and really good to attend like this one once in awhile. Nice getting information and have this as your added level of education.

  16. What is BDJ? Whatever it was, it organized a very useful event. Actually, I was surprised to see it in the atrium of a mall. Wasnt it too noisy there to concentrate on the lectures? The prizes were very good.

  17. Too bad they didn't have any organic make up in the event. I am now getting ready to learn about make up, but natural and organic cosmetics is the only way to go with me. :)

  18. It was great experience learning from others and also try it yourself. Wow they give good goodies also. Glad that you enjoy the event.

  19. I used to go to all the BDJ Rendezvous before, but recently, i always fail to get slots! Lucky you! Anyhoo, i really admire Thea and how she was able to turn her life around

  20. this looks like a very interesting event. I have not been to any BDJ Rendezvouz before but your post makes me want to attend the next one! :)



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