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When I was a kid, I loved playing The Sims, where in I get to create my own family and build my dream home. It's very easy to create a mansion especially if you know the cheat codes to gain unlimited money you can spend on your furniture, appliances and even a swimming pool. 

But now that I am an adult with my own family, I've realized that this is not a game anymore. There are no cheat codes that I can use to get easy money to buy our dream home. But that doesn't stop me in believing that in the future, I, together with my hubby and kids, will have our own little mansion. :)

Once in a while, during my free time, it has been my hobby to browse the net and check out beautiful houses. It makes me feel happy to see huge houses with amazing architectural designs that make me want to work harder to save enough money. Last time, I stumbled upon a site called Property24.

I got more interested when I saw that golden ribbon on the left that states that it is Philippines No. 1 Property Website. So I researched a bit and learned that is considered as the fastest growing property portal in the country. Meaning, they provide an effective online platform for leading Real Estate Developers, Agencies and Brokers that allow them to showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective buyers.

Considering that I am a qualified prospective buyer, I began looking for my dream house. I want to live close to my parents so I would like to find our perfect home here in Quezon City. Since I'm just looking for a dream home, I didn't pay too much attention with the cost of the houses I picked ( which are just too impossible for me to have on hand in the next 10 years :p )

First stop: Three Storey Modern House and Lot for Sale in Vista Real Classica, Commonwealth, QC

My dream home would need to have a spacious living room, a spiral staircase and a high ceiling. I am also attracted to houses with huge glass windows that make it look sophisticated. I also love the very spacious roof deck that is great for outdoor parties.

Next dream house: Corner House and Lot for Sale in Casa Milan, QC

Same as my first choice, this house is spacious and has a high ceiling. Though it doesn't have the spiral staircase that I want, the stairs are still wide enough for a "princess-inspired grand entrance while going down stairs" effect. :) Having a bathtub in the bathroom is also a bonus. Plus I love the huge garden. My kids would definitely have so much fun running and playing there.

Third choice: Modern Two Storey House and Lot for Sale in Filinvest 2, Batasan Hills, QC

The facade of this house doesn't give justice to how the interior looks like. It has the spiral staircase, the very spacious rooms, the high ceiling with the glamorous chandelier, the huge glass windows (though the tint is a bit dark) and the gorgeous bathroom that makes this house a dream home not just for me but for anyone who sees this.

If you want to spend your weekend in a more relaxing place minus the busy streets of the metro, might as well have a dream home situated at Tagaytay :)

Fourth: Modern Home Overlooking Taal Lake

Just having such an amazing view of the Taal Lake while relaxing in your living room is a very valid reason why you should pick this as a dream home. Every room in the house is very spacious which is a good thing when you have energetic kids who love to run around the house. Plus the facade of this house just makes you want to go home.

Lastly: Modern Brand New, 4 Bedroom, Lodge House and Lot, The Hillside at Tagaytay Highlands

Though the facade looks a bit unusual since it is a lodge house, what you'll see inside is just what anyone wants to see in their dream home. Every room in this house has a beautiful view to look at that will make you feel relaxed. Again, very spacious rooms that are a plus when you have kids at home.

You can also search for the perfect home for your family using Just type the city where you want to live and refine your search by choosing what type of property you are looking for, how many rooms and toilet/bath you would like to have in your home and price range of the property.

Try it now! There's nothing wrong with searching for your dream house, but make sure you also put extra effort in achieving that dream through working hard and believing that you'll own the perfect home for you and your family soon. :)

This is a local subsidiary of, the no.1 property site in South Africa and a member of NASPERS Group of companies together with help companies and licensed individuals, in the business of selling or leasing residential properties, connect with serious buyers looking for realty investments and searching for the perfect home.

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  1. I see that you're a fan of modern houses too. It looks very clean and classy.

  2. Such spacious houses, I'm falling in love with the high ceilings and wooden floors. But I'm a tad bit OC, so building a house from ground up, involved even in the designing process is the only way to go. I keep finding faults in already made houses haha!

  3. The lodge home is very nice inside, does it come fully furnished upon purchase? The view at Hillside tagaytay is really nice so a property there would be perfect.

  4. I remember playing the SIMs too, but I always give up when the houses start getting on fire etc. Haha... Thanks for sharing the lovely designs!

  5. Your chosen houses were big! I loved the first 3 choices as it had higher ceilings and glass walls which bring so much natural light. I hope someday, I can also buy a house of my own though I haven't really have a design or look in mind. I guess, that site would help me find my dream home.

  6. I love the last choice. It is more modern and more of my kind of home. All the homes are huge and very nice.

  7. These houses looks gorgeous with high ceiling, open space, brilliant lightning and glass wall. I think it will be realy helpful for people to design their homes.

  8. I played Sim City when I was studying and I guess it showed the finance person in me as I used up each space to make the most out of it for my city. Well it's nice that there's a property portal where you can search your dream house. I'll check it out and find my dream house too.

  9. love your choices! these houses really looks beautiful! but to buy one of this size in singapore... will be forever a dream.

  10. Thanks for pointing out this website. I would like to look around it when I have time. That second property looks very nice, but I do not know where in QC it is. Ideally, it should be near where I work or where the kids study, since our traffic situation is not good.

  11. This look really nice! Me and my dear bought our house recently. Although the size is not really big, but price is affordable for us.

  12. OMG... those houses are my dream home too. So spacious, perfect interior and huge. I really like that house in Casa Milan, QC

  13. I love houses that have stairs! these are an absolute dream...

  14. Nice dream houses girl! So spacious. I like high ceiling living rooms too.

    Here's mine. :)



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