Oishi Snacktacular 2015

12:28:00 PM

While browsing the net, I stumbled upon an event called Oishi Snacktacular. Seeing that it will be held at Trinoma which is just an fx away from my office, I planned to drop by after work. 

It was actually Oishi's 2nd Snacktacular event but it is my first time to learn about it and I'm so excited to see what they have in store for everyone. So after work, I went straight to Trinoma Activity Center and here's what I saw:

There's a lot of people present when I arrived because it was already 5:30pm. (activities start at 10:00am until 9pm).

There's no entrance fee but once your inside, you need to go to the registration area where they will hand you your Snacktacular Pass:

You have to try all their activities to be able to get your Oishi T-Shirt plus you'll have the chance to win a Limited Edition 4 Ft. Giant Oishi Pack filled with Oishi Products and P2,000 worth of GCs. The down side is you have to pay a certain amount of fee prior to trying out the activities at the event. (I'll indicate the fees later)

First, here's a map of the entire activity area:

Next to the registration area was the Oishi Pack and Pose where you can have your picture taken with a huge Oishi Prawn Cracker Pack. 

The staff were generous enough to have my photo taken since I don't have any companion that time. :p

No need to purchase anything to be able to have a photo taken here. :) Next, I lined up at the Oishi O-Twirl. 

You get a soft served ice cream made out of Oishi Choco Chug from this specially made ice cream machine :)

Then you get to choose 2 toppings from these Oishi sweets and savory snacks.

And voila! Here's my Choco Chug Ice Cream with Pillows Choco and Wafu with Leche Flan Filling for only P20.00. They also gave me a Choco Chug drink :)

After that sweet experience, I headed to the Make Your Own Snack Booth

For P20.00, You get to make your own snack mix. You choose your own bag (red, blue or orange), 2 snack bases (you choose from 6 types of bases: Marty's Veggie Chicharon, Potato Fries, Ringbee Rings, Ridges Potato Chips, Oishi Prawn Crackers or Corn Clubs) and Flavored Powder (choose from 12 flavors: Sweet&Spicy, Wasabi, White Cheddar, Nori, Pizza, Salt&Vinegar, Garlic&Salt, Ketchup, Kimchi, Barbeque, Beef or Cheese).

I chose a red bag, filled with Ridges Potato Chips and Potato Fries mixed with White Cheddar. :)

While munching the snack I made, I watched a man ride the Oishi Snack Catcher and he did a great job! He actually caught the most number of packs that time (180 Oishi packs!):

I kept watching people try the Snack Catcher but I was scared and nervous at that time so I didn't line up. I decided to try the Snack Shack which is less extreme than the Snack Catcher.

This booth is where I had to shell out a bit because playing at Snack Shack costs P295.00. You'll be asked to choose your 2ft Oishi Pack (unfortunately a lot of these are not available when I played. I wanted the Ridges Pack but it was unavailable so I picked the Baked Porky Popps) and this is where you'll put all the Oishi products you want from the Snack Shack. 

To add excitement to the game, you only have 60 seconds to do it and once finished, you must be able to close the giant pack. 

After 60 seconds... Tada!! :)

After 4 activities with a very big Baked Porky Popps on hand, I decided to go home and just return on the 2nd day of Snacktacular to complete all 6 stamps. 

On the 2nd day, it was time for me to try out the SnackCatcher. I arrived at around 4:30pm, unfortunately, the management instructed the security personnel at SnackCatcher booth to cut off the line for those who want to try the SnackCatcher. They will only resume the line once all the remaining players currently on line finishes the game. This is to prevent the super long lines that caused them to stay late till 11pm to accommodate everyone who lined up (event was supposed to be only up to 10pm). 

But because I was determined to finish all the activities to get a shirt and a chance to win the limited edition 4ft Oishi Pack, I waited for the line to resume. It was already 7pm when I was able to try out the SnackCatcher. 

Too bad, the staff at the SnackCatcher wasn't able to take a video while I was strapped into a harness and dipped into a pool filled with Oishi snacks because he said my camera turned off. :( So here's what I got:

I was only able to get 59 packs of Oishi snacks but I enjoyed the experience. :)

Last booth that I was able to try was the Oishi Slush C+ where you get a Slush made out of Oishi Smart C+ (Orange or Pomelo) for only P20.00.

Finally!!! I've completed all 6 stamps! :) Here's the free shirt I got after finishing all the activities at Snacktacular Event:

Plus, I got the chance to be part of the raffle where I could win a Limited Edition 4ft Giant Oishi Pack and P2000 worth of GC. :)

Weeks after the event, while I was still at work, my sister who was at home sent me a photo that got me super excited and thankful:

I was very lucky to be one of the 6 raffle winners!!! Thank you very much to Oishi for delivering this at home :)

I really enjoyed my first Oishi Snacktacular Event! Hopefully on next year's event, I could be able to attend the final day of this three day event because the Oishi Team (Ramon Bautista, Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, Alex Gonzaga, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) graced the event last time and they are also the ones who picked the raffle winners and personally gave it to the winners present that day! 

Such a fun filled event and I'm looking forward on the next one! ^^

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