Filinvest: I Own My Dream Campaign's Brand Ambassador is Richard Yap

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Last August 1, the Gotianun-owned real estate developer, Filinvest Land Inc. (FLI) stepped up its advocacy of "Building the Filipino Dream" with its new campaign "I Own My Dream" at the Filinvest Home Expo held at the Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

"Since the company was established, FLI has been rightfully claiming and owning its decades-old tagline, "We build the Filipino Dream". Driven by the Gotianun tradition of Integrity, Quality and Service, FLI continues to build more "Filipino Dreams" while developing and expanding our diverse property portfolio to residential, office and retail spaces. And while we expand, it is just high time to introduce "I Own My Dream" to inspire more Filipinos to dream and own their dreams not just here in the country, but around the world," said Bernadette M. Ramos, Vice President for Real Estate Marketing of Filinvest.

During the expo, FLI showcased its development in Alabang, Cavite, Laguna and Batangas under its affordable and mid-income brands - Futura Value Homes and Filinvest. Aside from this, a talent competition called "Filinvest Got Talent" featured song and dance numbers to entertain mall revelers and expo guests.

After all the performances, the crowd went crazy when one of Philippine TV's sought-after leading man, Mr. Richard Yap, went on stage. He was introduced as FLI's newest brand ambassador and "dream advocate".

We were given the chance to interview Mr. Richard Yap and when asked how he was feeling to be chosen as the newest brand ambassador of FLI, here's what he had to say:

"I admire how Filinvest places high regard on Filipinos' tenacity and passion to own their dreams. And how Filinvest has become instrumental to the lives of millions of Filipinos who have succesfully achieved their dreams of having their own dream homes, and to those who will be. I, myself, share the same value so I am very much honored to become a part of Filinvest's advocacy. It is such a privilege to inspire Filipinos to own their dreams," said Richard Yap, FLI's newest brand ambassador and dream advocate.

"As a Filinvest's dream advocate, I would like to encourage Filipinos to dream and strive to reach their dreams. To own a dream, we need to live it, work hard for it and claim it!," emphasized Yap, who admitted working while studying in College.

According to Ramos, Filinvest has chosen Richard Yap as their dream advocate because "he is an example of a Filipino dreamer who dared to pursue his dreams". 

Yap, like many other Filipinos, started out as a regular employee and a part-time entrepreneur who wanted to provide the best for his family.

"Filinvest shall continue to "Build more Filipino dreams." With Richard Yap as Filinvest's dream advocate, we urge every Filipinos to dream big, and own their dreams," stressed Ramos.

About Filinvest Land, Inc:

Built on the Gotianun tradition of integrity, quality and service, Filinvest Land Inc. is one of the most-trusted real estate developers in the country with a diverse property portfolio catering to all markets. Currently, FLI has developed over 2,400 hectares of land and more than 600,000 square meters of prime office, residential and retail spaces. For updates, check out their Website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About I Own My Dream:

Led by its mission to Build the Filipino Dream, Filinvest Land Inc has launched its new campaign called "I Own My Dream". This campaign fortifies FLI's tagline, "We build the Filipino Dream", as it aims to inspire more Filipinos to dream and own their dreams. And through its residential properties, FLI continues to help millions of Filipinos achieve their dreams of owning a home. For those who are interested in owning their dream home, check out Filinvest's I Own My Dream Facebook Page and Website. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter. You may also like to check out I Own My Dream's Campaign Video:

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