Saving for your dream getaway

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There’s no denying that the first thing most people think about when they are asked how they
would spend the money from a lottery win is a flight, a hotel, one or two weeks away from the
stresses of life, and perhaps a stiff drink. This leads many of us to think about how we could
afford such luxuries without having to rely on the gears of fate cranking out a financial landslide
in our favor. And to that end, we all must save money. When it comes to saving for your dream
getaway, you are actually at an advantage in as much as you know how much it will cost (this
gives you a total to aim for).

But before we get started, it’s perhaps worth mentioning that sometimes we all need a little time
to look at our finances before we can really understand how best we can save and avoid debt.
Check out money advice from Creditfix, for example, for further information. And now, let’s see
how we could save for our travels.

Make a plan, check it twice, commit

OK, this isn’t going to be easy, but you need to start by making a plan. If we all had endless
streams of money, you wouldn’t need a plan, but facts are facts, and you are only going to be
able to save a certain amount each month - not sure how much that ‘certain amount’ is? Begin
by jotting down your incomings and your outgoings. What is left is how much you have each
month. If you don’t think this is enough money, try making cuts (like cancelling the multiple
streaming services that you probably rarely use).

Next, look at the cost of your ideal trip. Planning a cruise around the Bahamas? Hoping to get
away for a weekend in the mountains? Whatever you want to achieve, there’s going to be a
price tag. From your monthly total that you are able to save, you can now work out how long it
will take you to save up the exact amount you need. This removes any ambiguity over whether
you can or cannot afford your trip, and also means you can switch your plans to something
more affordable at an early stage if you need to.

Make more money

For those of us to whom the travel bug is no stranger, money is a regular limiting factor in our
desire to get out there and see and do all the things we want to see and do. How can we
remove this roadblock? The answer is simple, but the way in which you go about it may not be
so simple. The answer is make more money. Now, you basically have two options. One is to sell
things you don’t need (bikes, old digital devices like tablets and phones, wristwatches, etc.),
which you can do fairly quickly with selling options over social media. The second option is to
look into a part-time job that you can fit into your life, like evening pizza delivery or dog walking.
Remember, time sacrifices now will mean your travel plans may be able to go ahead!

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