Fun games to play during study break

6:47:00 AM

Just a few days ago, I decided to start studying for IELTS. I've been here in Saudi Arabia for almost 2 years and I think it's just about time that I get my brain cells working by familiarizing myself with the exam and begin answering sample questions to get used to what I will be encountering in this language proficiency test.

Although I'm still conditioning myself to study everyday as much as possible, I'm trying hard to browse exam introductions every once in a while. But while studying, I had to pause for breaks especially after practice tests as it can be quite stressful and may cause information overload.

I tend to play online games, specifically Solitaire, during my rest periods to just make me feel a bit relieved from all the learnings:

1. Free Cell

2. Golf

If you're not familiar with these games, there are instructions below each game screen to help you understand how to play each game. If you are not into card games, this website also has Hidden Object, Match 3, Mahjong and other Online Games, all with instructions as well. Here are some that I enjoyed playing as well.

These games can definitely be stress relievers for someone studying like me, but make sure to keep in moderation because these can be addictive and you need to discipline yourself to balance the fun versus your main goal which is to pass the exam. Keep in mind that these will just help you take a break with the information overload but always keep in track with you priorities.

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