Dreaming of UK

11:44:00 PM

I welcomed 2020 away from my loved ones. Last december, thinking of celebrating the holidays far from my kids and family was heartbreaking. But thanks to my new found friends here in Saudi Arabia, I felt a bit happy and relieved that I do not feel too homesick. Plus the fact that me and my family always use the video messengers to have small chitchats made me miss them less.

Anyways, to avoid feeling sad, I tend to brainstorm my plan for the whole year. First off, the reason why I came to the Middle East was to save money for processing fees to my dream destination which is UK. Since my income from working at a private hospital in the Philippines is not enough for paying bills, I wasn't able to save for examinations, processing papers, visa applications, review centers, etc. So I took a step further by becoming an OFW. 

Hopefully, I get to pass the needed exams and paper works so that I get to work in UK asap. It would be very exciting to once again pack my bags, apply for a travel insurance when processing a schengen visa in the Philippines and hop on a plane to another amazing place, that is UK. 

Can't wait to share with you my journey to working as a nurse in the UK. Are you also an OFW? How are you planning to go to your dream destination. I'll wait for your comments down below ♥️

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