My Secret Alternative To Samsonite Luggage

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As a first timer OFW, i can honestly say that I didn't think much about my luggages. I just knew that I had to bring my stuff, have it weighed without getting over the limit and carry on with the whole travel experience. Little did I know that from the entrance of the airport up to arriving in my country of destination, I had to carry all those weights with me. It made me a bit stressful for quite some time.

Using just any type of luggage I saw at the house, I didn't realize how important it is to avail a very lightweight luggage, but sturdy at the same time. Having experienced all those hassle just this December when I travelled from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia made me look for must have luggages for my vacation to the Philippines hopefully this December 2020.

Upon checking the internet, again, I had no idea how expensive luggages can be, especially top brands. So I tried looking for an alternative to Samsonite that would cater to what I need with less price, i stumbled upon NaSaDen.

NaSaDen, a company that originated from Germany, provides luxurious luggages, suitcases and travel accessories at affordable prices. Also known as DreamBox, this luggages are designed to get you with comfort and ease from your home to the airport check out counter, having you onboard and enjoying your flight without any worries. They custom build our DreamBox to suit your needs. Every item is thoroughly checked ensuring that every single DreamBox is of the highest quality before it reaches customers.

For someone planning on a vacation,  I decided to look for a luggage that's good for 1-3 days, lightweight, durable, stylish but still affordable. Sharing you my top choice from NaSaDen: the New Schloss Sanssouci Series 22".

What I love about this luggage is that:
  • First, there's a lot of color to choose from and they have it in rose gold
  • Has a duel, 4 wheel spinner that makes it easy to stabilize and to move around
  • Lightweight
  • Very durable with buckle lock made out of stainless steel and enhanced strength padded handles made of metal parts
  • Extra material added for soft and comfy inner linings
  • Simple and modern style with built in TSA lock
  • It has a 1 year warranty.
  • Lastly, it would only cost me $306 and if you purchase using afterpay, you get to avail it in 4 interest free installments!
Besides the luggage, I just love the travel accessories in NaSaDen. For me who is quite an OC, I like my stuff to be well organized and these mini bags from NaSaDen are perfect. There's a bag for everything I need such as toiletries, underwear, shoes, clothing and gadgets and they also come in different colors and design that will suit your taste.

Definitely something I would purchase in the near future! I'm so happy I found this great alternative to top brands. Will surely make a review on this luggage once I get my hands on them. To know more about my discovery, check out NaSaDen luggage 's website. Comment down below your own experience when it comes to luggages and travel. 

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