Rancho - American Cuisine at Najran

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I've been out of the country for almost a month and one of the past times that me and my colleagues do is to look for restaurants that offer different cuisines here at Najran. Very distant from the city, this province has limited choices when it comes to food. Thanks to our one of most trusted driver, we found Rancho.

Located at King Faysal Road, Rancho is just beside Caldo Caffe. If I remember it correctly, the Rancho sign is not very much visible so make sure to look for this facade. It has a very nice outdoor setup but unfortunately, women are not allowed to dine outside. Once inside, it is a typical Saudi restaurant with separate areas for families and single men. 

*sorry for the photo, just got this from my video :p
They have the typical american food choices such as burgers, sandwiches, pasta and steaks. They also offer breakfast choices like pancakes, crepes and waffles and a variety of desserts and hot and cold drinks.

Since we still don't have the budget to spend much, we settled with pasta, fries, buffalo wings, spring rolls and frappe:

Buffalo Chicken - 40sr
Chicken Roast Pasta with Spinach - 35sr
Pasta Mix - 30sr
French Fries - 6/7/10sr
Spring Rolls - 15sr
Their buffalo wing parts were quite small but can serve 2-3 persons. Spiciness/hotness was tolerable but my friends find it a bit sour to their taste. Their pasta was creamy and flavorful although I find both pasta to taste the same. A plate of the pasta is good for 1-2 persons. The fries was average but the cheese made it more appetizing. The spring rolls were also delicious with generous amounts of filling, plus the sweet and spicy dip definitely complimented the taste. I forgot to take a photo of our frappe, which cost 15sr. It was not too sweet, which we really enjoyed but the size was a bit small for the price. 

All in all, food was delish but a bit pricey. Great ambiance and service although we had to wait more than an hour before our food was served because we came right before the Salah (prayer time). I wanted to try their steak but it was expensive (97-110 sr). Might order it next time with a slice of their cheese cake ♥️ 

If you're craving for American snacks, I recommend you visit Rancho soon! Have you been here also? Leave a comment below on what dish you enjoyed most. 😁 Until our next food trip!

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