Aborshash Park Najran

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Back in January 2020, 2 weeks upon our arrival in Najran, we went to a park which was a little far from our hostel. I remember it being a wide field with a lot of people doing picnics on huge mats on the grass, just relaxing under the cold sky and enjoying with their families and friends. We just ate with our new found Filipino friends and walked around the park and took photos.

Then months later, I saw my colleagues posting photos of a place with Go Karts and ATV rides. Since there's not much to do here in Najran, I told my friends about it so we too can go and try it out ourselves. Little did I know that it was located in the same park we went to before. But it seems like Happy Land wasn't there yet back then. 

Happy Land is an amusement park for kids and kids at heart with arcades, VR games, indoor park and snack booths. There is no entrance fee although we didn't try to play anything inside so i'm not sure how much are the fees for the games and attractions. You can check out Happy Land's Facebook Page for their packages. I also saw ongoing constructions for a roller coaster and other attractions which are very exciting.

But we were looking for the Go Kart and the staff told us it is outside Happy Land. It is at the back and you will easily find it since it usually has line outside.

If I remember it correctly, we paid 70sr for 5 laps. You have to wear gloves and supposed to be, we should also wear helmet, but since we just finished hair rebonding, we opted not to wear and brother allowed us.

After playing, you will see your performance in the screen outside and you can take photos on their podium.

After Go Kart, we walked around the park to look for the ATV ride. There were also food stalls outside where you can buy sweets, coffee, shakes, etc and you can also rent mats that you can use for picnics as well as small bikes for the kids. We finally found the ATV ride near the water closet (comfort room) between the parking lots about 5-10 minutes walk from Happy Land. (Sorry I can't remember the exact place)

We paid 10sr per head for 1 lap. Although the brother there that time was not too nice when we wanted to have another lap since we took a long time to finish one lap. Then we saw a horse with a cart in the back and we decided to try it out as well. It costs 10sr per person but I don't know for how long, since we decided to stop for a few minutes since baba was only going back and forth in the parking lot. 

Then recently, I saw posts on Snapchat about a festival in Aborshash Park where there were shops, food stalls and rides so of course, I had to check it out again. 😂 I wasn't able to take much photos because there were a lot of people and I don't want them to feel violated or anything and I got really dizzy after trying 2 rides. Signs of aging 😅

Lastly, I bought a souvenir from a shop for only 10sr, and you get to personalize it also for free. By the way, if you will go to this place, make sure to bring money since there are no ATMs near the area.

It was a tiring but fun experience in Aborshash Park and we will definitely come back again to see their new attractions soon.

How about you? Have you been here? Which attractions do you like best?

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  1. I think you guys had a lot of fun in Aborshash Park Najran, anyway the place is so amazing. Right now I am stuck on my project on marketing dissertation topics. But I am thinking that I will go to Aborshash park to refresh my mind

  2. Seriously... thanks so much for running this. This website is something that is required on the web, someone with a little originality!



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