Relaxation and New Learnings at I'M Onsen Spa and Sun Life Financial Philippines' Mom's Day Out!

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I've been very busy with my new work at the hospital and I'm trying my best to cope up with the ever changing duty schedules with only one day off a week. It was very different from my last work experience but I'm managing to get used to this new setup. But I can't deny the fact that it's energy-draining and a very much needed pampering session would be a great idea. 

Thanks to Sun Life Financial Philippines and I'M Onsen Spa's Mom's Day Out, I enjoyed a day of relaxation plus a few mom tips from two amazing speakers during the program proper. Let me share to you my experience during the event.

First, we went to I'M Onsen Spa's lobby where I was asked to fill up a consent as well as my info and they let me choose the service I wanted to avail. Since, it was my first time to experience a whole body massage, i opted to go for a mild massage called Aromassage. Then they placed a band on my arm which will be my buffet and spa pass.

Next, we headed on to I'M Hotel's luxurious buffet, Bloom, which offers international and local dishes created by their very own world-class chefs.

I personally loved the Japanese, carving, grilling and dessert station. I also enjoyed the fact that you can order at their stations (e.g grill and pasta station) and they will bring it to your table once your orders are cooked. 

After a sumptuous meal, we were ushered to the Onsen's Check In Area (near the swimming pool) where we were given a Locker Key wrist band and a Yukata or a light cotton kimono. 

Here's what's inside the locker. Make sure you remove any unnecessary items and place them inside the locker prior to your massage/service.

Of course, an obligatory selfie while wearing the Yukata is done. Unfortunately, both are blurred, maybe because I felt too excited to see myself wear it.

Prior to your services, you will be asked to stay at a huge room filled with very comfortable chairs where you get to enjoy free tea and coffee while you wait for your therapist. 

Finally, we were brought to the massage area.

My therapist's name is Ms. Aiza and she did a great job massaging me as a first timer. She made sure that the pressure was not too painful especially on areas with "lamig". It was such a relaxing experience that made me want to come back for more soon.  

Next part of our Mom's Day Out is a short talk on parenting with Ms. Michelle Alignay (Part 1 and Part 2) and Building an educational plan with Ms. Mylene Segismundo.

My take on Ms. Michelle's talk is that you should never pressure yourself to be the "perfect mom" who can balance and take charge on everything a.k.a. Master of Multitasking. Know your limits, recharge, re-balance and be the Master of Myself Mom.

Ms. Mylene's talk was more of an eye-opener of what to expect when it comes to our kids' education. It is something that every parent should really understand and prepare for because it can be very expensive. 

I learned a lot from their talks and I would like to share to you their talks through my facebook live: (Part 1, 2 and 3).

I would also like to share to you a video from Sun Life Financial Philippines, which is one of their Sunshort film entitled: She Said. It was such an inspiring short film and the fact that you can see both the mom and the child's perspectives are just heartwarming. Being ready with your kid's financial needs can really be a big deal to be able to have more time to bond and take care of your child. Something that I hope I could experience in the near future. 

With all these facts and experiences shared to us during the Mom's Day Out, I am very thankful to Sir Arnel of ABCDigital, Sun Life Financial Philippines and to I'M Hotel/Onsen Spa for the opportunity to learn a lot from the talks as well as have a much needed pampering session. 

That being said, I am inviting all of you to experience a Mom's Day Out too! Just visit Sun Shorts Website to register either for July 1 or July 15. See you there!

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