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Have you ever experienced putting on fake eyelashes but you felt like it is gonna take forever to apply because you're not really good at it? I did! The first time I had to put them on was during our company's Christmas Party performance last year and i must say that it was a very hard and a challenging thing to do especially when you have no idea how to actually do it. Good thing, there are salons who specialize in safe application of natural-looking hair lashes extensions.

Last September 23, 2016, I was invited to be part of the grand opening of Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge's first branch at the Glorietta 2, Makati City. They offer eyelash extensions, brow threading and brow tinting services delivered with attention to quality and detail done by qualified aestheticians in a stylish and comfortable environment. They are actually the first lash studio in the country to provide this level of quality assurance.

We we're asked to try their eye lash extensions service and since it was my first time, I was a bit nervous because I've heard a lot of people say that it would be a very long process and there will be discomfort but since Ooh La Lash! aestheticians are trained experts with the knowledge of the latest techniques in these services, I gave it a go. I also availed their brow threading service because my brows are starting to be very bushy again. Here's a before photo for comparison later:

Ms. Roan was assigned to me that day and she did my brows first prior to the extension application. Then after my brows were perfectly groomed, she then asked me was what type of eyelash extension would i want to use, and since this is my first time to have extensions on, i really didn't know what to choose. I just told her that I wanted something a bit longer than my real lash and I like a natural looking curl. She decided to use the 10B Curl extension. Here are the FDA-approved materials used in applying the eye lash extensions.

Next she applied collagen pads under my eyes maybe to give it a soothing feel for this 45 minute service.

Ms. Roan instructed me to just close my eyes the entire time to avoid the eye lash glue to come in contact with your eye and of course to avoid ruining the lashes that she already applied. I actually didn't feel uncomfortable during the process except when I accidentally opened my eye at one point that made me feel a bit of discomfort (my bad!) although you really have to be patient in closing your eyes for less than an hour. 

After application, Ms. Roan had to make sure that the glue is already dry and when it was time to open my eyes, she informed me that i may feel a bit of discomfort but it will wear off eventually. Here's the result! Please don't mind my oily face.

I was very impressed with the result and it was only after the process that I learned that ms. Roan actually placed each hair strand one at a time. Amazing right? She then explained what I should never do to avoid ruining my eye lash extension:

  • Never rub your eyes
  • Do not use eyeliner and mascara
  • Never use lash curlers
  • Try not to use the shower head directly onto your lashes to avoid water pressure
  • Try not to sleep face down
Their eye lash extensions usually last for a month after which you can avail of their eye lashes refill at very competitive prices. 

I would like to thank ms. Leo My of Crownless Beauty Queen for inviting me to attend the grand opening of Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge. It was such an awesome experience and I can't wait to do more selfies with these perfectly made extensions. 

To know more about Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge and their ongoing promos, follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Another option in getting beautiful long lashes is through the use of Revitalash. Let me know what you would prefer and share your experiences in getting your lashes done on the comment section below.

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