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I've been to different food parks lately and I must say that it's really hard to choose a favorite among them since they always have a certain element that you will love may it be great food, ambiance, service or the pricing. But for the latest food park that I tried, it seems like they wanted to cater families, especially those with little kids as they created a playground right inside their premises.

This is such a great idea that will certainly make them standout from the rest when it comes to amenities. But of course, the food is still the main basis if you'd want to keep coming back to a food park. 

So when I had the chance to try out some of the dishes from Food Alley's concessionaires, I immediately confirmed by attendance, thanks to Ms. Alyssa's invitation. 

Now, I'd like to share to you the stalls/restaurants that participated in our food review last May 20, 2017.


Red Iced Tea, Blue Lemonade, Pine-Guyabano
If you're looking for refreshing juices with interesting flavors that are affordable, you have to try Juicecolored. I was able to try their Blue Lemonade and Red Iced Tea and I have yet to try their Pine-Guyabano drink. I love the Blue Lemonade with a balanced sweetness and sourness while their Red Iced Tea seems too sweet for my liking.

Pizza Station:

For Pizza lovers, you should drop by the Pizza Station which offers mouthwatering and freshly baked pizza. It has a generous amount of toppings and worth the price.

14" Pizza Pepperoni - P250.00
14" Pizza Overload - P300.00

Tap Out:

If you enjoy humongous and juicy burgers, you have to try Tap Out. They offer big burgers and sides like Nachos, Potato Chips, Cheese Sticks and Quesadilla.

Cheese Overload Burger with Chips - P125.00
Spam Burger with Chips - P135.00
Tap Out Burger with Chips - P115.00
Quesadillas - P110.00

Nippon Ichi Takoyaki:

You may also want to try a small food cart that serves Japanese Takoyaki. Enjoy it with sweet and spicy sauce. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get octopus bits. But what I like is that they have a promo that once you buy 3 orders of Takoyaki, you get a Solo Juicecolored for free.

Sweet and Spicy Takoyaki - P40.00
Dampa: Simply Lang Illongo's Grill:

If you love freshly cooked seafood that taste just like how it is at home, drop by at Dampa: Simply Lang Ilonggo's Grill. I was able to try their Baked Mussels and Buttered Hipon. They also offer Filipino favorites like the Pork Sisig then finished off with Mango Slices + Bagoong.

Baked Mussels
Buttered Shrimps
Pork Sisig
Mango with Bagoong
Genghis Mongolian:

If you want something oriental, you might want to visit Genghis Mongolian where you can create your own bowl of Original or Spicy Genghis Mongolian Noodle.

Now on to the desserts! Two stalls participated and we had the chance to try Nitrogen Ice Creams and very delicious and cute desserts from \di-'zert\.

Core Freeze:

I recommend that you try the Nitrogen Choco Ice Cream which is a fun and interesting way to eat a dessert. Their Ice Creams are also good.


Last but definitely not the least, an easy favorite, the \di-'zert\. They offer very inviting sweets and treats from waffles, milkshakes and crepes, down to a popular Pinoy street food, the Scramble.

Ice Scramble - P50.00
Unicorn Waffle
Mango Ice Cream Shake - P130.00
Blueberry Ice Cream Shake - P130.00
Banana Nutella Crepe - P115.00
What I love about \di-'zert\ is that their items are not too sweet for my liking. Maybe because, they really created their products for kids, especially on how their stall looked like from the inside. You can even play board games for free!

Other stalls include Chickstar, Steakation, Chwings, Churros, Potato Loco and Nwnp Shawama.

If you love music, you may want to visit Food Alley on a weekend at night as they have live bands/acoustics that will serenade you while you enjoy great food. You can even jam with them if you like.

So if you want to experience a fun filled day at a food park with your kids enjoying at the playground while you taste awesome food and listen to great music, you might want to consider dropping by at the Food Alley. They are located at Lot 20 Block 2 Bayan-bayanan Ave Marikina City and they are open from 4:00pm to 10:00pm. Just an update, they will be opening KTVs and RTWs at the premises to give customers more amenities at Food Alley so stay tuned.

To know more about Food Alley, you can visit their Website and to get updates on ongoing events and promos, you can follow them on their Facebook Page.

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