My ITAW 2017: Unmasking your thyroid experience

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I've been busy with my new work at the hospital and I seldom go to events due to my ever changing schedule, but thankfully I was able to attend a health awareness fair that was very near my workplace. Thanks to ms Vance, I had the chance to be part of Robinson's Novaliches, Merck, Healthway Medical and Philippine Thyroid Association Inc's celebration for the International Thyroid Awareness Week 2017.

Entitled as "Unmasking Your Thyroid", it aims to impart information to the public with regards to what Thyroid is, the diseases associated to this organ and the signs and symptoms that we must watch out for to be able to prevent uncontrolled or severe illnesses. 

During the event, we were given passports that we had to surrender in each booth to avail the services offered such as:

1. Video Viewing

Check out what we were able to see during the video viewing on my Facebook Live. It was short but very informative as it summarized what Thyroid is and it showed the symptoms of both Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism.

2. Thyroid Quiz

They made us answer a short quiz that can indicate whether we experience symptoms or abnormalities which will help the doctors determine our health's status.

3. Doctor's Consultation

We then had our individual consultation with the experts and I was relieved that I don't have any problems with my thyroid.

4. Photo Booth

Their photo booth is not as simple as you think because there is actually a contest with huge prices up for grabs for two persons with the best pose.

Once done with the first 4 required booths, we then had the chance to get pampered and enjoy the freebies that awaits at the other side of the venue.

The Milk Teas they served were delicious and refreshing, I just wished there were tapioca pearls in every plastic cup.

If you brought your kids with you, a kid's art corner is the place to keep them busy at all times. But for the kids-at-heart, it would be fun to dance a bit using the XBOX.

Pampering oneself with free beauty sessions will definitely make people feel relaxed. I enjoyed the massage as well as the hair styling. 

The most important part of the event is when Dr. Teofilo San Luis and Dr. Wesley Llauderes discussed what Thyroid is, where it is located and its function. 

They also lectured about the importance of early detection of Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. Some of the attendees even shared their experiences of having these disorders and what they did to manage it. 

Dr. Teofilo San Luis
Dr. Wesley Llauderes
For those who weren't able to join us during the "Unmasking Your Thyroid" event, here is my Facebook Live so that you too can be aware of this organ and the disorders associated with it.

It was indeed a successful event full of fun activities and important learning imparted by experts. As a nurse, I really hope that there will be more awareness events like this because this will definitely help everyone, experiencing the disorder or not, be able to detect problems early, thus they can go to doctors and be given treatments prior to worsening of the situation. 

Again, thanks to Ms. Vance, Ms. Sam and Ms. Rochelle for the opportunity to attend and celebrate the International Thyroid Awareness Week 2017: Unmasking your Thyroid. To take the Thyroid quiz and know more about the Thyroid and its disorders, you may visit their Website. If you want to be updated on their upcoming activities, feel free to follow them on their Facebook Page.

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