Tupperware Brands Philippines Supports the 2015 World Vision Run

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For the 4th time in a row, Tupperware Brands Philippines supported World Vision Philippines in its annual running event aimed to raise funds for its Child Sponsorship Program. The huge and anticipated event spearheaded by World Vision Philippines kicked off recently at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds, with race categories ranging from 21k, 10k, 5k, 3k, and even a 500 m dash for kids. The Mall of Asia Grounds was packed and bore witness to the support of thousands of health enthusiasts, as well as partners and supporters of World Vision’s advocacy.

Since 2012, Tupperware Brands Philippines has pledged its support to World Vision’s advocacy. In fact, on their 19th anniversary, the company supported a total of 100 children in honor of its 100 outlet stores all over the country. “Tupperware Brands supports World Vision’s goal to have every child live life to the fullest while promoting an active lifestyle at the same time. Tupperware’s products uphold freshness for wellness, which is very complimentary to the activities of the event,” Mr. Jun Pangilinan, Tupperware Brands Philippines’ President and Managing Director, shares. 

Since its introduction in 1966, Tupperware has been changing lives of Filipinos across the nation. “One way in which we celebrate touching and transforming lives, no matter what age or generation, is by teaming up with World Vision Philippines. Through raising awareness on the ways to support those in need, to keep fit, and to be ready for natural calamities, we can help create happier and healthier families,” Mr. Pangilinan adds.

The event started early for the runners, including Mr. Pangilinan himself who ran in the 21k race category. The program was injected with other fun activities including a Zumbathon, exciting raffle prizes, and a mini concert with the Perkins twins, Tippy Dos Santos, and Tricia Garcia

Tupperware Brands Philippines has always been committed to their promise to provide better brands for a better life, and through the business opportunity, help individuals live the life that they deserve. With their ongoing support and partnership with World Vision Philippines, Tupperware Brands Philippines is surely on the right track in changing lives for the better.

About Tupperware® Brands 
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  1. That's a really awesome program from a brand we've trusted for years! It's nice to be part of something that tries to improve the lives of children, they are our future after all.

  2. Tupperware brand had done so much for Filipino families nationwide. Likewise, this event could always give positive results to their marketing program.

  3. I missed the world vision run this year because I was sick. I've been a tupperware user since I was a kid.

  4. I am a fan of Tupperware brand. Love all their products. Thanks for sharing the run of world vision.

  5. wow, 21k sounds intimidating! having a 500m dash for children is a good idea! so, did you join in the event as well? which category did you go for?

  6. Its a good move that Tupperware Brands organized the run. So keep it up, exercise and drink more milk.

  7. Finally, it's good to see a real action picture regarding brands supporting different activities. I hope that they will also provide an action picture for charities and typhoon victims.

  8. this is so good! tupperwear brands supporting something that relates to them and their vision

  9. I have heard of the Tupperware brand since I was a child. So good to see that they are still very active in their social responsiblity. I have heard of World Vision and I agree that it is a worthy cause.

  10. It's nice that Mr. Pangilinan ran himself, showing how important the partnership really is. Congrats to Tupperware for the successful event!



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