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Just last Saturday, me and hubby were very grateful and excited that we were picked to be part of a dessert buffet restaurant review. Thanks to Ms. Kathy Kenny Ngo of Life Is Kulayful, I was able to visit Love Desserts once more, but this time, I'll be trying out their first branch located at Banawe. Since my last visit to Love Desserts (Pearl Drive, Fairview Branch) was such a great experience, I didn't hesitate to join once again.

Call time was 11:30am, but because it was our first time to visit their Banawe branch and we were not familiar with the area, we had a hard time locating the restaurant. We even used google map but it was very misleading (i think the location map is wrong, hopefully Love Desserts can do something about it). We had to ask vendors where it was exactly and after an hour, we finally arrived at the restaurant feeling tired and hungry.

Since I already tried their newest branch in Fairview, I can't stop comparing the two branches. Upon entering the restaurant, it was very crowded and the dining area was smaller compared to Fairview Branch. It was a bit hard to move around because of too many people inside the restaurant. 

After resting from all the walking and riding of PUVs, it's time to fill our tummies with delicious and sweet desserts displayed on the buffet tables:

Here are the desserts I was able to try (I'm not sure of the names of the cakes/brownies because there were no labels):

Strawberry Shortcake
This Strawberry Shortcake has the right sweetness and the strawberries are not sour compared to some shortcakes I've tasted before.

Smores Brownies Topped with Chocolate and Caramel Icing
I love their smores brownies, its not too sweet compared to Starbucks' smores cake. This would be perfect with a hot cup of coffee. I would've ordered a cup if it's not too hot that afternoon.

Brazo de Mercedes
Their Brazo de Mercedes is just too sweet for my liking. 

I was only able to try the Rocky Road which I enjoyed because it has a generous amount of marshmallow between the sweet chocolate cream and moist chocolate brownie placed in a small shot glass.

Red Velvet Cupcake
The design of this cupcake made me expect that it was going to be a yummy dessert, unfortunately the cupcake was a bit dry and lacks sweetness. 

I can't remember why I didn't have a photo of the crushed nacho with the usual ground meat, grated cheese, onion and surprisingly with mangoes which I had for 2 servings, 1st with their Cheese Sauce and 2nd serving with the Tomato Salsa.

Here are the other dessert choices that Love Desserts prepared for us that afternoon:

You can also order crepe and watch them make it for you at the crepe station:

Banana Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream
I love how the ice cream started melting because of the newly cooked banana crepe. It's very delicious compared to the blueberry crepe I've tried from their other branch which was way too sweet. Definitely a must try at Love Desserts :)

If those desserts aren't enough for you yet, they also have a halo-halo, ice cream and candy station:

They also have unlimited iced tea, hot coffee and milk tea for all who availed the dessert buffet. I hope they add an iced milo/coffee as well :)

Both Banawe and Fairview have the same interior design. I love the homey and cozy feeling inside the restaurant despite being overcrowded at times. I also love the quotes painted on the wall and the cute displays like the small ferris wheel and the shelf found all over the restaurant.

I highly recommend this restaurant to all dessert addicts out there. You get to taste all those sweet cakes and pastries for only P199.00. Very affordable, right?!

Just make sure that you won't have any leftover because you'll be charged P399.00 if you weren't able to finish everything you took from the dessert buffet. You should also keep in mind that your Unlimited Dessert is only good for 2 hours especially if there's a queue. Well, I'm sure your tummies are already full after 2 hours of unlimited sweets.

But if you don't want to avail the Unlimited Desserts, they also have a la carte meals:

They also have cakes that you can take out for your family to enjoy at home:

I'll definitely come back and have unlimited desserts with my family if there's a special occasion. Although, we'll be visiting their Fairview Branch because it is just a 10 minute ride from home. So what are you guys waiting for? Try Love Desserts now and have a tummy filling and sweet experience with your loved ones. :) Of course, a groufie is a must before leaving the restaurant. 

For more information about Love Desserts, you may follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

915 Banawe St. Cor. G. Roxas St. Quezon City

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