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Last August 31, 2015, I had the privilege to try out a sport that I never really thought I would be able to experience in my 25 years of existence. It was my blogger friend Ms. Roselle of Snapped and Scribbled who insisted that I try it, so I signed up and I immediately received an email from Ms. Jinky of RMDC and an invitation from Ms. Alyssa, also from RMDC.

Monday came and I was very excited and a bit nervous on the activity that I'll be doing that day. From Fairview (home), I decided to ride a jeep (Cubao Arayat) and got off right in front of Stronghand Shooting Range which was located along E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. (between Hillcrest St. and Los Angeles St.)

Once inside, I saw another blogger friend, Ms. Aubrey of Reigning Still, together with her hubby and friend. Then a staff at the front desk called my attention and asked me to fill up a registration form and read the guidelines prior to joining the activities they prepared for us. Here are some of Stronghand Shooting Range's policies:

1. Outside Ammo is not allowed since Stronghand only uses Non-Toxic Ammo and they are the first indoor "toxic-free" range that promises a no airborne lead, no sulphur dioxide, no Barium Oxide and no Antimony Oxide experience. This is made possible because of the installed HEPA filter and turbine air exchanger in the range.

2. They only use legally registered pistols and revolvers.

3. They only allow legally aged (18 years old and above) individuals to practice shooting and must present a government-issued ID.

4. No complete registration, No Shoot.

5. For those who have their own firearm with them, they must bag pistols when not in use. Handling of guns is done only at designated safety areas/inside range.

6. Good sportsmanship prevails, bad conduct will not be tolerated. At Stronghand Shooting Range, they promote a family friendly environment.

7. Range Officer's command is absolute and final.

After I finished filling up the form and taking note of the policies, the staff informed us that we still need to wait for 2 other participants before we can start, so I grabbed the chance to take photos of what you'll be seeing inside Stronghand:

Gadgets/Equipment for Shooting are also for sale in the Stronghand

Clean Restrooms are available to freshen up after an adrenaline-pumping experience
Take a break at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cafe after an action-packed experience at the range
It was already 11am but the other 2 participants were still nowhere to be found, so we asked the staff to start the seminar without them. We were then led to the seminar room:

This is where all the seminars and lessons regarding firing a gun are taught to beginners/pro shooters. Stronghand Shooting Range aims to provide a safe, comfortable and fun experience to their guests and members that is why they make sure that everyone attends their lessons/courses prior to shooting.

During our "Proper and Practical Pistol Course", we were guided and taught by Mr. Alfred Zaballa (Range Officer/Instructor). Here are the topics included in the course we took:

1. The 4 Rules of Gun Safety
2. How to handle a pistol
3. How to clear a pistol
4. How to shoot a target

Here are some of the photos during the seminar:

Mr. Alfred Zaballa - Range Officer/Instructor
Thanks sir Alfred! :)
After the course, we headed back to the front desk and they gave us our paraphernalia composed of a 9mm Pistol, 20 bullets, eye protection goggles, ear muffs and a cardboard target.

Before going inside the shooting range, we were asked to wear our goggles and ear muffs. Let me take a selfie first. :)

We were then led to our designated areas and Mr. Alfred gave his final instructions. Once our clips were filled with bullets and the cardboard target was in place, it was game time! :)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos while I was shooting but I must say that my adrenaline was pumped up, my sweat started dripping, my goggles got a little foggy, bullet shells were scattered all over the place, loud bangs were still heard despite the ear muffs and bullets flying towards the cardboard target. It was nerve wracking, intense but very exhilarating. We had 20 bullets and it was divided into 2 sets, 10 for 5 meter target and 10 for 10 meter target. After using up all the bullets, I'm very proud to show you my cardboard target:

We were also given certificates for completing "The Proper & Practical Pistol" course and it includes the result of our performance that day. 

sorry for the super creased certificate :p
Before going home, a group photo is a must! :)

I didn't really expect to like this sport but surprisingly, I enjoyed the experience. From the course/seminar where I've learned so much about Shooting up to the Gun firing at the range is such an experience worth remembering. 

For those who would like to try Shooting, I highly recommend Stronghand Shooting Range because it is a family friendly and a non-toxic environment that provides a safe, comfortable and fun experience to both beginners and pros. 

I'll definitely come back soon with my hubby and hopefully my performance would be better then. ^^ They actually have a 50% discounts on Guest's Range Fee and Firearm Rental for women every Wednesday, so ladies make sure to visit them on a wednesday to avail of this promo.

For rates and other details, check out Stronghand Shooting Range's Website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Again, thanks to Ms. Jinky and Ms. Alyssa of RMDC for the opportunity.

Stronghand Shooting Range
La Defense Building, 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao, QC

Operating Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 10:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am to 5:00pm

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  1. I've never been to a shooting range before. Not sure if I will ever have the chance to. But it would be nice to experience it at least once.

  2. it looks so fun! i wouldn't be able to imagine how loud the gunshots will be. will love to try it for myself one day if possible!

  3. Wow! You're a tough gal now! I have'nt tried that but I want we have a shooting range near my place.

  4. This is awesome, I wanna go! There are some shooting range close to where I live but I think you need your own gun there...which I don't have.

  5. I saw this advertised before but unluckily I am not interested because it's far from my place. I'd like to try this shooting time and it seemed you enjoyed it.

  6. I've always seen ranges in the movies. This is definitely one of the things I want to try soon! :D

  7. How much does a session cost and how many bullets? I've tried another shooting range, but I like how they have a proper seminar beforehand.

  8. im not a big lover of guns - but i can see how it may be an experience to try it at least once. would love to know the cost ?

  9. Woosh, this is cool! Reminded me of a Hong Kong crime-solving drama involving a group of gun-lovers... I hope to try this activity one day too!

  10. I have always wanted to do this kind of activity, but never had the chance to. Maybe one of these days, I would have the chance to do this.

  11. I think this would be a great way to de-stress. It also good to learn to shoot for self defense.

  12. Wow you got a lot of bulls eye. This isn't my strength though, my dad tried to teach me before. We went to a shooting range but I got the first one in and then everything else was all over the place . MORE PRACTICE FOR ME.

  13. I have tried this place, and yes it feels very safe and clean there. My wife and I actually spent one of our wedding anniversaries there.

  14. This looks fun! I don't think I'll be able to hit the targets though.. But I guess it's worth a try one time. :)

  15. I have been to shooting range in Thailand and this look quite similar to theirs.

  16. If you hear the safety team at the range call for a cease-fire, stop what you’re doing immediately and lower your weapon. Often, someone is going down range and setting up targets. Disregarding a cease-fire call is likely to get you permanently banned from the range, if not arrested for reckless endangerment.



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