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I'm not really a fan of Horror and Thriller/Suspense movies because I easily get scared and shocked while watching those kinds of film. But because of peer pressure back when I was a student, I had the chance to see a few movies before that really made me feel paranoid at times and have nightmares. One of those movies is the Hostel, a blockbuster horror movie by Eli Roth. 

It has been so long since I've watched a horror movie, and last September 21, 2015, I had the privilege to attend the premiere of Eli Roth's newest horror film, The Green Inferno. I was having second thoughts in watching the movie because I've seen its trailer and it's really scary. (Thanks to Sir Ed of Where Is Ed Uy? for the tickets)

Upon arriving at the cinema, there was already a long line going inside the theater.

I got two tickets with free drinks and popcorn plus we had the chance to win a limited edition Green Inferno shirt and a small poster card.

Look who's posing near the entrance of the theater! Creepy!

lol at the awkward face :))
Before the movie started, they started drawing the winners for the raffle. I wasn't expecting to get picked because I am not lucky with raffles, so I was surprised that my ticket was called! Yey!! :)

After the national anthem, I was very excited and nervous at the same time. The movie was all about a group of college students who wanted to save a tribe from getting killed and kicked out of their own village. The group led by Alejandro (Ariel Levy) was successful on their mission which is to stop the construction at the Amazon Jungle that can cause death/injuries to the tribe leaving there. Unfortunately, during their mission, they had to use Justine (Lorenza Izzo) as they planned to let the militia capture her because they know that they won't kill her if they reveal that her father works as an attorney of the United Nations. 

Their plan worked as they were set free and were led to an airplane out of the Amazon Jungle. Everyone was celebrating for a job well done, except for Justine, when the airplane crashed in the Peruvian Amazon. As survivors search the jungle for ways to get out of the jungle, members of an indigenous tribe held all of them captive at a huge cage inside the village. 

What's worse is that the tribesmen were cannibals and as day goes by, the captives were killed, cooked and eaten one by one. Some tried to escape but were killed during the process. At one point, Justine (lead role) was super close to getting her female genitalia mutilated by the women of the tribe if not for the nice kid she knew during their awful stay in the cage. 

She was able to leave the village and left Alejandro to rot in the cage. But before she was able to leave the jungle, there was an encounter between the militia and the tribe where in Justine was able to stop the commotion and was sent back to her family. It just left me wondering what the Bald Headhunter said to Justine before everything went peaceful to both groups. I think I heard him say "We need you" to Justine. 

photo grabbed from
Anyways, once back with his father, Justine was interviewed by the U.N. and she informed them that the tribe needs their help by stopping the construction from ruining the jungle. Unfortunately, she lied about not seeing cannibalism going on in that village when asked.

Last scene was someone called Justine and claimed that she is Alejandro's sister and that she was able to see the image of his brother through satellite images and they need to talk. Pretty much saying that there is a sequel to the Green Inferno.

Okay, so how did I find the movie? From a non-horror fan's point of view, the movie was very effective in making my heart pound throughout the village scenes while covering my eyes and ears the whole time. Trying to peak during the cannibal scenes, it made me feel scared at what could happen to the next victim. A hint of comedy was also mixed into the movie with a girl having a diarrhea in front of a lot of people and two men putting drugs on a victim being cooked making the villagers high.

I highly recommend this to horror/gore movie fanatics because they will definitely enjoy the chopping of bodies, bloody scenes and eating cooked human meat scenes in this movie. For non-horror fans, I dare you to watch this movie and see if you can survive the Green Inferno. Job well done to Eli Roth for another horror masterpiece. Hope the sequel will be way scarier and gruesome than the first.

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  1. Sounds like a film that my boyfriend will enjoy! I would like to watch it but only if I have someone with me. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat too.

  2. I did not watch this film at all. I do not like this kind of horror with cannibalistic gore. I prefer horror about ghosts.

  3. I choose my horror movies carefully - based on the story and, sometimes, on the actors. This seems like a movie that can be hard to watch - due to cannibalism. A provocation.

  4. Congrats for winning the raffle. :) This movie sounds great to watch with a bunch of friends at home. I'm sure there's one among the group who will scream his lungs out.

  5. i'm not really fund of watching movies like this.. haha though i'm a guy, i really can;t afford to watch this alone.. but it might bediferent if im with friends.. wonder if the would want to watch this hehe. seems kinda really scary

  6. You are brave! The only two horror movies I have watched for the rest of my life were One Miss Call 3 and Panaromal Activity. I still remember how terrifying are they!

  7. Alright, I think I am not able to watch this movie because I can't watch horror movies. I am too scared for it.

  8. The movie looks real scary with cannibals. It's definitely a screamfest and gorefest kind of movie. I think I would be more scared of cannibals than zombies.

  9. Same as Fred, I'm not into this kind of gore. I like horror stories about ghosts and demons but I don't find it entertaining to watch gory scenes, yikes.

  10. ewww this is another terrifying film i don't want to watch . they say it was graphic... i can't watch this .. i might vomit.



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