Baguio City 2012 (Day 3)

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It’s our last day in Baguio. It has been a great experience wandering around Baguio with my boyfriend. It was my first time to see these places despite the fact that my family and I go to Baguio annually since my parents join the bazaar during the Panagbenga Festival.

We packed all our things and had an early checkout from the hotel. We were excited to have our breakfast at 50s Diner (Gen Luna Rd) since I’ve read great reviews about this restaurant. We came early because it was advised in the reviews I’ve read that this place really gets crowded during breakfast. When we arrived, it really was crowded, and the fact that the restaurant was quite small, we had to wait in line for us to be accommodated.

Glenn 50’s Diner – photo grabbed from
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take pictures because our camera was packed underneath the other stuff inside my bag. So while waiting, we checked their menu.

photos grabbed from
I ordered a “SHE” while Jayvee ordered the “Two fresh egg” plus extra bacon. Yummyyy!! My meal is composed of a chicken leg, pork chop, breaded fish, minute steak, hotdog, fries and vegetable sides. It also has a complimentary dessert.

photo grabbed from
While Jayvee’s “two fresh egg” (hahaha) is composed of 2 eggs (you just tell the server how you want your eggs cooked), strips of bacon, hotdog and rice. We also ordered chocolate and vanilla ice cream shake.

photo grabbed from
The food at 50's diner tasted okay, but the best part was their prices which were very affordable with generous serving sizes. The milkshakes were AMAZING! We loved it especially when I saw they make one. They placed ice cream scoops on the blender that’s why it was so creamy. The only problem that we encountered was the server which was a bit rude at first, maybe because she was already very tired since there were lots of people simultaneously calling her attention.

After the heavy breakfast we had, we decided to go to our last destination before heading to the bus terminal. Not very far away from 50's diner, we headed to the Baguio Botanical Garden. It’s between Teacher’s Camp and Pacdal Circle and the entrance is at Leonard Wood Road.

Entrance to the Garden
Upon arriving, we saw a group of Ifugao women outside, you can take pictures with them and wear their traditional costume for a fee of P20.00/person. But I wasn’t able to experience that because there were to many people who wanted to try it so we just decided to go inside. There were no entrance fees so you can enjoy the view and the calmness inside for free.

Inside were different Ifugao huts, flowers, ponds, statues and there was even a cave but I was too scared to go inside. You can also experience horseback riding here but we opted to walk instead. Here are some of the photos we had inside.

Huge statues inside the garden
There was also a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge here at the Botanical Garden but there were too many people staying under the bridge so I wasn’t able to have a picture with it.

Framework of an Ifugao hut
It was a huge area and we weren’t able to see everything since we already have to head to the terminal. We took a cab and went straight to the Victory Bus Terminal. This time, we rode a regular air conditioned bus which costs P450.00/person. It still comes with a free wifi minus the restroom. While waiting for our bus, we bought some “Pasalubong” from the stalls at the terminal. Once our bus arrived, we got inside and we bid Baguio farewell.

Jayvee eating what was supposed to be a “Pasalubong” lol
Baguio, good bye for now, we’ll be seeing each other again soon. I will miss the climate and the food. :(

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