Baguio City 2012 (Day 2 – Part 2)

4:14:00 PM

After satisfying our pizza and pasta cravings at Pizza Volante, we continued our Baguio tour at Camp John Hay. Upon arriving, we wanted to try horseback riding. Rates are as follows: P250.00 for 30mins at the Riding Circle and P370.00 for an hour at the Birdle Path to the Riding Circle. As far as I could remember, this was my first time to ride a horse. It took me a while to feel comfortable riding the horse and the fact that we are going through the muddy forest, I felt like I was going to fall of my horse. But as minutes pass by, I was already enjoying my ride. Renting a horse comes with a spotter/handler (horse The handler guided us all throughout the ride. When we arrived at the riding circle, he told us that we can go on our own, but I wasn’t brave enough to lead the horse myself. Maybe 3-4 more times, then I’ll have the courage to ride on my own.

The trail going to the riding circle
Heavy horseback riders. I pity the horses. Lol
After the ride, we went to see the “Historical Core” also found in Camp John Hay. Before entering, you have to pay for the entrance fee which was P60.00 and you will be able to see the following:

The Liberty Loop
No need to visit NYC since we also have the statue of liberty here in the Philippines. Across the Liberty Loop, you can see and hear the adventurous crowd trying out the different activities at the Baguio Tree Top Adventures. I would’ve tried some, unfortunately we’re on a budget and rates at the tree top adventures are a bit steep for us. Next was the so called Lost Cemetery or the Cemetery of Negativism.

Stop being negative or else you’ll be buried next to KANTOU NUTHIN WRIGHT and the others. :p
It was fun reading the epitaphs while walking along the paths. Near the cemetery was the next site which was the totem pole.

Composed of the American leaders who made an impact here in the Philippines.
You will also find the Bell House, History Trail, Secret Garden and the Amphitheater. We weren’t able to visit the amphitheater since there was a wedding at that time. We weren’t able to stay long at the secret garden since it rained so we bid Camp John Hay farewell as we head to our next destination.

The famous St. Bernard at the Mines View Park
Luckily the rain stopped as we arrived at the Mines View Park. There were lots of people in this area since there are tons of stalls here with different kinds of stuff for sale. There were also fun activities to try here.

Wearing traditional ifugao clothing and unlimited selfie for a minimum fee of P10.00 per person
There was also a white horse with pink hair at the park where in you can ride and take photos with for just P20.00 per person. Since we still have to visit 2-3 places that day, we left the park after the pictorials. Next stop was Wright Park. They also have horses available at the wright park but I wasn’t able to check the rates. But compared to the horses at Camp John Hay, I noticed that the horses were smaller at Wright Park.

Looks like horseback riding was the main attraction here at Wright Park, and since we were finished with this activity at Camp John Hay, we left the park and rode a jeep since the Mansion was just near the park.

We just took photos of the place and left since it was getting late. We rode a taxi and decided to eat at 50s diner, but upon arriving, the place was super crowded so we decided to go to SM instead. We had dinner and bought milk tea before going back to the hotel. This day was super tiring but we still have some places to go to on our Day 3 at Baguio so we went back to the hotel and slept early for tomorrow’s adventure.

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