Baguio City 2012 (Day 2 – Part 1)

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Day 2 of my Baguio Adventures, I searched the net for an affordable breakfast buffet. We saw Le Monet, Le Chef and the list goes on, unfortunately its beyond our meal budget since our Christmas Bonuses haven’t reached our ATM cards yet. Too bad :( Then I encountered Veniz Grill Breakfast Buffet. Veniz Grill is located at the 3rd floor of Hotel Veniz (1 Abanao St.) Here’s a map from the Hotel Veniz website.

For more information, you can check their website at
Their breakfast buffet costs P275.00 per person. Their dishes were the usual tocino, scrambled egg, crispy dilis, fried rice, longganisa, etc. The food was not that exciting, but it tasted good. For the beverages, they have orange juice, iced tea and coffee. They also have cereals for the kids (and the kids at heart. :p) The only downside with their cereals are the milk containers that were so small, one serving is not even enough to fill my cereal bowl and the staff took so long to come back with the refill. All in all, we had a great breakfast and we are now ready for our tour.

Jayvee enjoying his breakfast. Happy Tummy :)
We rented a cab to bring us to the places we wanted to visit. First stop was at the Strawberry Farm. The farm is located at La Trinidad, Benguet which is about 3km from Baguio City Proper. Upon arriving, we saw different stalls leading to the farm entrance. They were selling souvenir items such as shirts, hats, etc. Of course, there were lots of stalls selling freshly picked strawberries, jams and strawberry ice cream and strawberry taho. I tried the taho but it was too sweet for me. On the other hand, Jayvee and I loved the ice cream. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take a picture of it as it was that good, I finished it all up in a flash. Lol

Yummy Strawberries :)
We found out that the Strawberry Picking costs P500.00 and you get to keep a kilo of strawberries you freshly picked. It was a bit steep for a kilo of strawberry which costs P150.00-P200.00 if you buy at the stalls near the farm. I felt sad knowing this, good thing was that you can enter the farm even if you don’t avail the strawberry picking fee. I just wanted to look around and take several photos so that’s what we did.

They also have Baguio Lettuce at the farm
After taking some photos, we headed back to the cab and the driver suggested that we visit Tam-awan village Garden in the Sky (Longlong, Benguet Rd). Upon arriving, you have to pay for the entrance fee. P50.00 for adults, P30.00 for students and P20.00 for children. As what I have researched, Tam-awan Village is a reconstructed Cordillera Village established by the National Artist BenCab. Here are some of the photos we had inside the village.

Traditional Ifugao Dance
Too bad the doors were locked :(
Crossing the bamboo bridge
While wandering around, we saw a huge crowd looking amazed at one part of the village. We checked it out, and it was the Portrait Sketching. The artists here are the Baguio’s most talented so I was very excited to try it. Fee are as follows: Solo – P100.00 Couple – P300.00. If you want a colored portrait, just add P50.00 to the fees mentioned. Here’s our portrait:

It took them 10-15 minutes to finish our portrait and it was a great privilege to be drawn by these artists. After receiving the portraits, we went back to our cab and asked the driver to head to our next destination which was the Lourdes Grotto (Dominican Hill Road, Mirador Hill). Before reaching the grotto, you have to climb 252 steps or if you are not up for this challenge, you can use your vehicle or ask your hired cab to use the road on the sides of the hill to bring you to the top.

Reminds me of Kung Fu Panda. :p
Once you arrive at the top, rest for a while and you can pray, light a candle and of course, appreciate the views from above.

With all those steps, we were completely exhausted and can’t wait to eat. So, we asked the driver to bring us to Pizza Volante. I saw this restaurant on the internet as a must try pizza place in Baguio. There were actually three branches in Baguio (if i remember it correctly). I saw one near the Wright Park (Leonard Wood Rd) while commuting; the other one was at the Ayala Land Techno Hub Retail Plaza at Camp John Hay and along Session Road. We dined at Session Road Branch. Upon arriving, we saw a menu board with lots of mouthwatering choices.

photo grabbed from (i wasn’t able to take photos due to my excitement. lol)
 Here’s what we ordered:

– vanilla milkshake – P46.00
– chocolate milkshake – P54.00
– Pasta Alfredo (Large) – P265.00
– 10″ Four Cheese Pizza – P269.00

Typing about these makes me want to go back to Pizza Volante, I really hope they branch out here in Manila someday.

*Droooooling* Oh I miss you :(
This has been a long post so I divided Day 2 into two parts. From all this typing, I remembered how exhausted I was on this trip. Anyway, ending this blog with the 4 cheese pizza photo makes me want to go back to Baguio. See you again soon!!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day! Loved the photos from the top - and the portraits look great too!

  2. This was three years ago on what you'd experienced. It was very enjoyable one. But I don't know if it is the same on what you've experienced. Recently those business occupants inside the Camp John Hay were in trouble. They're victimized by the fiasco created by BCDA of the government and the private developer, CJHDevCo.

  3. So many strawberries! I love Baguio, the veggies are so affordable especially the cauliflower and the broccoli. The food is awesome there too. I hope you enjoyed your time!

  4. Hope I can visit Baguio soon too. And those portraits look really nice. I want to have my portrait drawn too someday. Looks like you guys had such a fun day. Safe travels to you two!

  5. Ohhh, how I wish to be there and eat all of those 4-cheese pizza! Love the foods only because I never experienced Baguio City and other places.

  6. I love this! The strawberries, the pizza. Havent been there yet but i would love to visit Tam-awam Villange one day :)

  7. Hahahah, I agree with you - those steps do remind me of Kung Fu Panda too! And that pizza treat, simply delicious I think. Looks like you enjoyed your trip down Baguio City.

  8. I love Baguio! Last time I was there was during a stop over from Sagada, so I didn't really get to explore much. I'm sure there are new spots worth checkin out so maybe it's time for a quick weekend rendezvous there.

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm getting the itch to travel again. Meh~ Can't wait to do so!

  10. ive never heard of this place before or even know where it is. there are some lovely places to visit

  11. I really want to go to Baguio someday soon as I haven't been there since I was about 3! You had such a beautiful culture-filled trip! :D

  12. The last time I went to Baguio was more than 3 years ago, I was still pregnant with my son then. Hope to visit again soon, hopefully with the whole family this time around. :)

  13. Lovely photos and the food looks awesome specially strawberries, pizza.Your sketches are looking so pretty cool.

  14. never been to baguio coz i have this fear of traveling long hours on the road esp those near the mountains. but, i wanna go there someday.

  15. I think that portrait was nicely drawn! that's a nice souvenir for a holiday I'm sure you'd like to remember for a long long time.

  16. Seems you have a good day. Baguio, I'll be there comes March, marami na kasing strawberry doon. And our graduation rite will be held there at PBTS.

  17. This would be an itinerary I would recommend for someone wanting to tour Baguio. I would add a visit at the spooky Diplomat Hotel just atop Dominican Hill coming from Lourdes Grotto.

  18. Baguio City has nice and cool weather. Its a great time for summer hideout. I have been to Baguio sometime ago, I think now there are new malls and the place have improved.

  19. I miss those fresh strawberries! I'm a Baguio City fan, but I was thinking of not visiting her on a summer, I'd rather go there some other time, because I find it very uncomfortable or even inconvenient to be there when it's just too crowded.

  20. That pizza looks so good! You took very nice photos. It shows that you had a great time.

  21. We always stayed in Veniz Hotel whenever we go to Baguio because its location is very central within the city. However, now we prefer to stay in the Mines View Park area. I do not even want to go to the city anymore because of the traffic.

  22. I think I preferred on picking the berries up. it reminds me on our local place. Baguio is a great place to visit.



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