Yummy Eats 2013

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While browsing the net, Jayvee found this event wherein there are food stalls and you get to taste different samplers of their products. He sent it on my email and I checked it out. Seeing food written everywhere, I told Jayvee that we have to go to this event. It was my first time to discover such an event and I would really enjoy tasting everything from sandwiches, Filipino delicacies, bite size samplers of dishes and of course, the desserts :) The event took place at the NBC Tent, BGC Taguig and there's an entrance fee of P200.00/person.

Upon arriving, we can hear the loud music coming from the event and there were a lot of people who have just arrived as well.

Yummy Eats Logo outside the NBC Tent (photo grabbed from www.leahdeleon.com)
After paying for the admission (P200.00) we were given a golden paper plate and a passport (booklet) wherein every time you taste a sampler from a booth, they put a stamp on their booth number seen on the booklet. So in case you loved what you have tasted, you can't get a 2nd sampler, instead you have to buy to relive that glorious moment of eating their product :) And because I was busy eating, I totally forgot to take pictures of what I ingested. Lol

The only photo I had at the event
Inside the NBC Tent were these cocktail tables where in you can place your food while you enjoy each product. If you want to sit down, there are also dining areas outside the tent, unfortunately, you'll be sweating buckets outside since it was super-hot at that time. Besides the numerous food stalls, there were also cooking demonstrations, cook-offs and raffles at the event. We were able to finish all booths but we were so full that we went home with plates still full of desserts, etc.

cookies, cupcakes, chocolates that are oooo so heavenly :)
Our P200.00 was really worth it because our tummies were happy and we even got extra sweets for our friends back at the office. It was really fun attending this kind of event, and I'm looking forward to attending more food bazaars in the future. :) Here are some tips that I can share to you when attending food events such as this:

1. Bring WATER! You'll definitely need this since you'll taste so many sweet desserts. Some stalls might sell mineral water but at a higher price. Yummy Eats placed water containers on site with paper cups on the side but I still recommend that you bring your own water just to make sure you have enough.

2. Bring a Tupperware in case you have so many sweets left so you won't end up like us (going outside with paper plates looking like we came from a kids party.lol) It's better that you have a container so the food won’t get dirty and you can keep it in your bag. :p

3. Come early so that you get to taste freshly made products and best sellers are still available as samplers. :)

I really hope that I could attend more food bazaars in the future. ^^

Extra photo, look at Jayvee's after Yummy Eats tummy bulge. Love you :)

Happy Tummy ^^

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  1. Do they hold this very event each year? I would love to attend a Yummy Eats if it's near our place or my schedule isn't that full hehe. Could never pass up an opportunity to eat great food! :)

  2. Looks so yummy but I don't know how much sweets I can eat. But then if its once in a while, why not ? Will they have another one?

  3. I love going to food festivals! There's so much food to try, lol. Glad you had fun!

  4. Whoa that is a lot of desserts to sample! I love food festivals but I get so overwhelmed so,etimes because there's so many choices and I want them all.

  5. Hahahha! So is the picture of the tummy necessary? :p anyhoo, this is the magazine we have here in the Philippines, isn't?

  6. Wow, now you make me wonder if there are such events in Singapore... I would think so, haha! I would love to attend such an event like Yummy Eats if it's in my hometown. I would never say no to eating delicious food samplers ;)

  7. Tent full of foods... for 200 pesos are more than enough for your tummy to be happy. It is a great deal for your money's worth.

  8. This was in 2013! Wow, that's long ago. I was thinking why are you taking photo with a signboard that is 2013. Haha... Wonder how many of the food still exist?

  9. I would totally pay 200 to try all that amazing food in one place! Hope to attend the next Yummy Eats event! :D

  10. It was a vert long time ago post... Time flies and guess a lot of food upgraded...

  11. Ahaha the bring home! can I have some? LOL Not really a sweet tooth but I know a lot of my lady friends would love this too. Hahaha No tupperware? Not prepared. lol

  12. This post is 2013, do they still offer this event this year? For 200 pesos, wow! solve na ako riyan.

  13. P200 for everything. That's a really good deal. It's really best that you come early so you can try more food.

  14. I think I will want to attend such an event too someday. I hope they hold one in the Quezon City area. Always Makati and BGC na lang.

  15. I love bazaar be it food, fashion or lifestyle because I can find many great bargain at the bazaar.

  16. Wow! I'm sure 200 pesos worth it. And I love the ambiance of the place.



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