Fear of driving after an accident? These tips will get you behind the wheel again

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Many people feel anxious when they drive. Some just lack a little confidence or worry that they’ll make a mistake. Sadly, for some their fear of driving runs much deeper. If you’re the survivor of a car accident, or you’ve had a crash, suffered painful injuries and months of rehabilitation then experiencing emotions of dread and fear around driving is perfectly understandable. Speak to a Chicago PI lawyer if you’ve been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault.

If your trauma is severely impacting your life then you should consider seeking help for your mental well being. In the meantime, if you’re looking for ways to increase your confidence and get back behind the wheel, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for some simple tips that will get you behind the wheel again.

Start from the beginning

You may have passed your test months or even years ago, but if your driving confidence is shot after a crash, then it might benefit you to start from the beginning. This means driving slowly around familiar roads, practicing parking in empty lots, having someone in the car with you and even going over elements of your driving theory. 

Alternatively, if there is a specific element of driving that fills you with dread such as driving on the highway, switching lanes or a parking maneuver, then focus on that. You could have some additional lessons with a qualified instructor or continue to practice with a friend or supportive family member.

Consider a defensive driving course

If you’re really worried about the actions of other drivers on the road, then consider signing up for a defensive driving course. This intensive course can help you to anticipate dangerous scenarios and act accordingly. By following a range of driving guidelines and tips you’re more likely to avoid a collision and completion of a defensive driving course can also reduce your insurance premiums!

Consider switching to an automatic vehicle

While most Americans drive automatic cars, if you’re someone who previously drove with a manual/stick transmission now would be the ideal time to make the switch. Driving an automatic is much more convenient and anxious-driver-friendly. You have fewer driving elements to concern yourself with and you can concentrate better on the road ahead rather than switching gear and working the clutch. 

Get rid of all those distractions

If your confidence has been knocked, then removing all those irritating distractions can certainly help you focus better. Loud music, your smartphone, noisy passengers, a static radio. Whatever is bugging you whilst you’re behind the wheel, eliminate it. A large percentage of road accidents are caused by distracted drivers, by eliminating distractions you can avoid being part of that statistic. 

Final thoughts…do what’s best for you

While some people might benefit from jumping in at the deep end and challenging their fears, others might prefer a calmer approach. Remember, when it comes to driving it’s normal to have good days and bad days – even if you’re a very competent driver!

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