Big styles and even bigger hair – how to inject some of the 80s into your 2020 style

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There’s something incredibly captivating about 80s style. It’s regarded as one of the most instantly recognisable decades in fashion. Big hair, head-turning styles, leg warmers and fun neon colours make 80s trends some of the most memorable and exciting of recent years. Of course, spandex gym wear and mullets might be a little too much to incorporate into your current style, however, there are certain aspects of the 80s that you could certainly use to complement today's fashion.

You might think it’s difficult to pull off an 80s inspired outfit, but you don't need to go full throwback to turn heads for all the right reasons. Want to know more? Read on for how to inject some of the 80s into your 2020 style.

Your eyewear

Just like most things in the 80s, eyewear back then was big. Big chunky frames and sunglasses were everywhere. These days you don’t have to go far to find 80s style glasses (click the link), with large frames having come back into fashion. You can probably find even more variety of 80’s glasses now than you could in the actual decade!

Thankfully, these kinds of frames never go out of style and only get better with age. These feel-good frames will help you channel your inner 80s and you’ll have fun matching your contemporary outfits with them. Compliments guaranteed!

Denim jackets

A staple from the 80s, the denim jacket goes with everything and it transfers into your contemporary wardrobe with ease. Dark blue, light denim, even acid wash or torn sleeves - you're sure to find something that suits. If you want a more genuine 80’s look and a playful style, consider sewing some patches onto the denim for a more authentic throwback piece. Be prepared for hundreds of questions and compliments every time you wear your fabulous jacket.


Don’t panic! Ruffles don’t always mean horrendous bridesmaid dresses and garish prom gowns that your aunt made you wear. When tastefully done, ruffles can be the perfect homage to all things 80s and still look great in your current wardrobe. You can find ruffles anywhere, on jackets, the hems of dresses and arm cuffs of cute tops! If you want something a little more subtle, consider ruffles on your shoes or on your handbag.

Bold, bright colours

Nothing screams the 1980s more than bold, bright colours that clash brilliantly. Wearing block colours makes us feel good and decadent colours add fun and vibrancy to any dull outfit. How bright you go depends on your style, but an eye-catching skirt, jacket or pair of pants in a shocking colour will certainly set you ahead of the trend.

And finally, those big, big shoulders

Big shoulders make me think of 80s power women like Joan Collins and Oprah Winfrey. Shoulder pads are the epitome of unapologetic and formidable fashion where you don’t follow, you lead. If you’re looking to add a touch of confidence and attitude to your contemporary wardrobe, consider a new blazer, coat or jacket and always cinch in your waist to give yourself definition.

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