Signs you’re in a toxic and dangerous working environment

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It's true that not everyone enjoys their job, however, under no circumstances should your job be putting your mental or physical wellbeing at risk. A toxic and negative working environment can quickly drain your happiness and your energy levels, leaving you struggling to cope in other areas of your life. 

Of course, no workplace is free of toxicity and negative staff members, however, if this kind of behavior isn't monitored or senior members of staff are engaging in it, then it won't take much for this dysfunctional way and toxicity to seep through to other employees. So, what are the signs you're in a toxic and dangerous working environment? Read on to find out.

No one takes health and safety seriously

We all roll our eyes at health and safety. It’s boring and dull. However, it’s there to keep you safe. If your place of work isn’t taking legislation seriously, then workers like you are more likely to become injured or seriously ill. This means pain, a loss of income and an uncertain future for you and your family - speak with a workers comp lawyer from Atlanta if you’ve been injured at work.

If no one appears to know what they’re doing, or they’re deliberately cutting corners, or other members of staff are actively promoting inconsistent health and safety practices, then you need to speak up. 

Cliques and exclusion are rife

Of course, there are always going to be friendship groups in all areas of life. From parents at the school gates, in the gym, at clubs and of course, at work. However, when these cliques begin to actively exclude others, spend most of their working day gossiping, have little interest in the work unless it involves some sort of drama or they're gifted roles and responsibilities based on their friendship connections rather than their abilities, then it becomes a problem.

Cliques have no place in a working environment. And while it’s not pleasant to feel like an outsider, don’t be drawn in. 

Employee attrition is sky-high

Are there new faces every week? Constant recruitment drives? If your boss is constantly trying to fill gaps in employment to make up the numbers (rather than due to progress and work increase) then it’s a sign of a toxic workplace. Disorganization, a lack of leadership, a sense of exclusion, no opportunities etc. These days a job isn’t for life, and if an employee isn’t happy then they’ll have no qualms about leaving no matter how good the salary might be.

You’re mentally exhausted 

Of course, every job has its challenges, but when you’re feeling burnt out because your job physically and mentally drains you, it could be a sign of toxicity. Maybe you’ve been working flat out for months in the hope of recognition and to progress in your career, only to find a friend of the boss got the job instead. Perhaps a huge workload has been placed on your shoulders and despite your cries for assistance, you’ve been left to struggle. Or maybe it’s other selfish employees that have left your mental wellbeing shaken.

If you’re unhappy at work or feeling unsafe and worried about your mental or physical wellbeing, speak with HR or someone you can trust as soon as possible.

If you are working in a toxic and unsafe working environment and want to escape and have a better future you should consider starting your own business this way you get to become your own boss and can manage your own staff properly and make sure the issues you had in the past don’t repeat themselves in your workplace. If you would like to become your own boss you can browse the latest business opportunities today at

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