Ink Regrets: Is There A Less Painful Way To Do Tattoo Removal?

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To be honest, I’m really proud of how far the world has gone in terms of perspective. Before, stereotypes are thrown in your face and you have no choice but to accept it because it’s society against you. No matter how much you fought back or insisted your own point of view, you just can’t remove stigmas out of the picture (learn more). If I were to list down all of the stereotypical comments said to me in the past, I would end up with a very, very long list. To give you an idea, however, here are a few of the most memorable ones. Thinking back on them never fails to put a smile on my face.

1. Ma’am can I volunteer to be a part of the basketball team for this year’s sports event? I’m a pretty good player. All three brothers of mine taught me how to play. No, just leave it to the boys.

2. Should I cut my hair short? Nah. You’ll look way too masculine.

3. Can I join the student council? Yes! Maybe try for the position of Secretary. Girls have lovely handwriting, right? 

4. Can I wear trousers to the party? Why can’t you act more ladylike?

5. (Me at 23) Mom, I’m getting a tattoo. What? Do you have a problem? You don’t talk to me anymore. You don’t seem like yourself.

Don’t worry guys, I still got that tattoo anyway (lol). Anyway, I just wanted to show you how differently people viewed the world when I was younger – I won’t reveal how long ago these happened though! Some people would say that this world is doomed to never change. However, if you try to look at the world now, things HAVE changed (Check out: Maybe not by a lot, but you can definitely say that it’s not what it was before. People are more vocal now, more open. You see unique communities growing larger by the day and becoming more accepted in society. Although there is still resistance, I wouldn’t say that people’s minds were as rigid as before – especially when it concerns tattoos. Well, we probably have social media to thank for it.

Before, getting a tattoo was an act of rebellion – and I’m not joking. If you got a tattoo, you either had a mental problem, a personality disorder, or worse, people would be thinking you’re out there committing crimes. Ridiculous, right?

Today, however, tattoos are considered a form of art – something I’m really happy about. Finally, someone sees things in my perspective. Tattoos, like any good accessory, allow you to showcase who you are as a person. It makes you feel special; that you’re apart from the rest. But believe me when I say that even after getting 5 different tattoos, the outcome isn’t always as expected.

I’ve had my own “tattoo mishaps.” I’ll only tell you this because I’m feeling great today, so you better listen. One fine day, I decided to get inked. I picked out a simple design. It was that of a tree with deep, long roots. The idea was to have it “hug” my arm. I wanted it to be a personal reminder to “stay rooted to my beliefs.” Can you guess what happened? The artist had a lovely gift. It was in no way his fault. But I may have chosen the wrong location for it.

From afar, the roots would look like armpit hair. Yes, armpit hair. It wasn’t cool at all. That wasn’t me at all! I’m a very well-kept lady if I’d have you know. The day I realized it was the funniest, most embarrassing moment of my life. I’ll kept that story secret for now, though!

So there you have it, my own sob story of Ink Regrets. Something tells me that you’re not just here to hear about my story though. I’m thinking you’re faced with the same problem right now too. I’d be amused if you can share your own mishap but it’s fine if you want to take the secret to your grave. I’m just here to help. Anyway, if you’re planning to have a tattoo removal soon, here’s my advice for you (or click here to know more):

1. Seek Professional Help
Don’t visit quack doctors; don’t put “whatchamacallit” medicine and whatnot. You need a professional to do a professional job. That’s it. Going to a licensed dermatologist is safer, faster, and cost-effective (since you won’t have to redo anything after).

2. Moisturize
After removal, make sure to keep the concerned area moisturized and hydrated. Apply lotion to reduce any chances of scars happening.

3. Be More Careful Next Time
It’s a real hassle having to take something out of your skin. So when choosing next time, be extra careful! 

Do you also have your very own ink regret story? Share it down below, it would be very fun to talk about it for sure! 😆

Disclaimer: This is a guest blog post.

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