4 tips to vacationing in Croatia

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There is always that thing about traveling. The way it brings you to another world, different from what you are used to. The culture of each place you go to fascinates you because it means they country and its people are sharing a part of their lives with you.

There are places which you always equate to travel or dream vacation. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the pristine beaches of the Maldives or the impressive landmarks of Prague. Maybe it’s time to put on your list the exotic places or less populated ones that are as equally beautiful as those more famous tourist spots.

Croatia is at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, that boasts of its picturesque coastline.  This country is filled with ancient remains of the Roman and Venetian times with fascinating stories to boost. Last 2012, Croatia waved its tourism banner proudly as the Mediterranean’s fastest growing tourist destination. So here are some tips should you choose to visit this beautiful and emerging go-to-country.

1.  Don’t be afraid to ride the ferries or charter a boat.
Island hopping is part of visiting Croatia, although island hopping on your own can be quite a challenge. Most Croatians who reside in the islands own small boats which they use to and fro the islands. You may want to negotiate with them because public ferries usually have limited trips. And you might not want to spend more than 2 days on one island as you want to maximize your time and visit as many places as you can. Check out a boat charter Croatia has to offer so you can bask in the different historical and amazing ruins that this country has to offer.

2.  Croatia and its Patron Saints
Croatia’s population is 90% Catholic according to a recent census. Therefore, each village and town has its own patron saint, and Croatians are especially devoted to “Gospa” or Mama Mary to us. So even with the breathtaking sights around you remember to look for little shrines built throughout the countryside of Croatia to honor her.

3.  Wine and olive oil are a must-try.
Croatia’s wine and olive oil boast of their excellent taste and quality. However, production of these products are of small quantities and made for the domestic market that’s why they are not known worldwide unlike the wines of Italy or olive oil of Spain.

4.  Dubrovnik is just one of many.
Hear ye Game of Thrones fans!  Explore the Kings Landing in Dubrovnik and relive your favorite scenes. But hey, don’t be so quick to focus all your time at this place, as there are more to Croatia than Dubrovnik.  Three hours away via ferry is the panoramic view that the Island of Hvar offers. From here, you can go island hopping to visit the Pakleni Islands where you can find the most pristine and secluded beaches and coves.

The second largest city in this historical country is Split and should be one of your must-visit places. Aside from the beaches, the boardwalk is lined with different bars and restaurants, shops to buy your souvenirs but even more so its ruins, the Diocletian’s Palace - the massive 4th-century fortress.

Visit Croatia and savor the many wonders this country has to offer.

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