Meet QC's newest food park: The Food Truck Manila

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I've been invited to different food parks in the metro but the latest I've tried is quite unique. It looks small from the outside as it is vertically built which I think is the first food park created as such, but once you get inside, it is definitely very spacious.

The Food Truck Manila QC is composed 36 food stalls, 4 of which will be for gaming (billiards, video games, beer pong, etc) and its dining area is huge, unlike other food parks that has little to no dining area at all which can be frustrating especially if you are hungry and you just can't find tables and chairs to use.

What I also loved about The Food Truck Manila is how the owners really thought of their customers experience during their stay at the food park specifically the good ventilation as how they built the roof with a space for air to get in; the roof that will definitely keep customers safe from getting wet, as well as "comfort rooms" that can literally provide comfort to anyone who uses them as they are equipped with bidets, tissue papers and even an AC unit.

They also designed their food park as an atrium so that customers from 1st to 4th floor can appreciate the band/musicians that will perform on stage every night. Now on to the best part, the food! Weeks ago, we were invited by one of The Food Truck Manila QC's operations manager Mr. Joni Cabrera for a food review, and here are the stalls that participated during our visit:

1. Cafe-UK Co: They offer coffee, espresso, frappe, smoothies, tea, soda, juices, pasta, snacks and a wide variety of desserts. They have two stalls at the food park located at the first and second floor.

Red Velvet Cake, Dulce De Leche Cheesecake, Smores Cake, Chocolate Temptation Cake, Oreo Cheesecake and Green Tea Matcha Cheesecake
We tried their cakes and they were all very tasty and not too sweet which I really liked. My favorite will probably be the Chocolate Temptation because of different textures and flavors in every spoonful of this treat. Perfectly paired with a warm cup of Vacuum coffee.

2. Captain Marley and the Seafood Island: Obviously, they offer seafood dishes and what we were able to try is something unique. Usually this dish is made using a chicken so it's interesting that they used squid instead. 

Large Butterfly Squid
I love how crisp the outside is and how they manage to keep the squid tender and flavorful inside. Definitely a must try!

3. Chef Resty's Roast Beef Carving Station: DLSU's famous Chef Resty's is available at The Food Truck Manila QC with their best seller Roast Beef Rice Meal that comes with Penne with Pesto Sauce and corn and carrots. 

4. Goto King: If you're looking for something satisfying to eat during this rainy season, I suggest you try Goto King's all-time favorite dishes like the Goto with Egg, Arroz Caldo or the La Paz Batchoy at very affordable prices.

Fried Lumpia, Fresh Lumpia, Minatamis na Saging, Arroz Caldo Special, La Paz Batchoy, Puto at Dinuguan

5. Grillax: If you love grilled food, may it be pork, chicken or seafood, I suggest you visit Grillax. They also have platters for big groups. We were able to try their Grilled Pork Barbeque and their Grilled Tuna Panga, both full of flavors with or without the dip.

6. Isaw @ iba pa: For delicious and affordable beer chows with big servings, you have to try Isaw @ iba pa. They made us try their Porn Platter which is composed of pig's heart, pig's and chicken intestines, gizzards and pig's ear with vinegar on the side. Definitely a perfect match with beer or rice!

7. Longga Nation: try the best-tasting longganisas from different provinces in one platter at an affordable price. You may also opt to taste their unique Sisig made out of longganisa. I highly recommend my favorite: Alaminos.

Longsilog, Longga Sisig, Longga Nation Platter
8. Patata Madness: If you want light snacks, patata madness serves not just the usual flavored fries. They also offer onion rings, mozarella sticks, etc.

9. Pong's Bonuan Bangus: If you opt to try healthy dishes, I suggest you visit Pong's as they serve the best bangus from Bonuan. They have platters good for the whole family which includes different bangus dishes and sides.

Family Platter: Relyenong Banguns, Tinapang Bangus, Special Atchara and Pork Embutido
10. ROX Gastropub Pizza: Craving for Pizza? Try ROX as they offer huge servings of pizza at affordable prices. Was able to taste their Cheese Steak Pizza which can be quite addictive.

11. Takumi Korean Fusion: KPop/KDrama fans out there, you might want to taste Korean cuisine that is highly recommended especially this rainy season. It can be very spicy so make sure you get a glass of iced cold water.

Budae Jigae
12. TexMex: Buffalo wings, Nachos, Tacos, Salchica, and a whole lot of Tex-Mex dishes can be found here. Chicken wings were really good as well as the Nachos, but the must try item at TexMex is their El Granada Jalapeño.

Mexican Chicken Rice, Salchicha, Nachos, El Granada Jalapeño
Garlic Parmesan and Cajun Barbeque Buffalo Wings
But if you want to just chill and enjoy a cold beer or any other alcoholic beverage, you can go straight to the FTM Bar located at the 4th floor and stay at one of their airconditioned areas.

All these in one roof! Will definitely come back to this one-of-a-kind food park in the metro as it offers a wide range of food choices at affordable price, it takes good care of the customers with ample dining area, enough parking space and good ventilation and very easy to go to since it's near EDSA. 

If you want to experience what I've been bragging about The Food Truck Manila QC, visit them soon at #63 Kamias Road corner K-1St. Quezon City! You can also follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram to get updates on ongoing promos and new store openings in the future. You may also want to check out my Facebook Live as I toured around the food park and my IHeartFoodPH IG account for more of the photos I've taken during our food review.

Special thanks to sir Joni Cabrera for accommodating us during our visit and to ms Leo My for the invite. ^^

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