Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo shares 6 tips on how to age gracefully

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As a newbie beauty blogger, I try to make my skin look flawless and healthy on my videos through my skin care regimen and usually when I capture selfies, I avoid using filters and instead, I apply products on my face that will help in making it look radiant and moisturized. But as a person ages, it can be very challenging in taking good care of the skin, so to help us in maintaining a youthful looking skin, here are 6 tips from International Fellow of Integrative Medicine and American Association of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo:

  • Lifestyle Check - Start taking care of yourself from within. Not only should you avoid environmental factors that can contribute in having eye bags, dark spots and wrinkles but you should also do a lifestyle check. Holistic wellness is very important as well as clean living to achieve a peaceful mind that gives your skin a healthy glow.
  • Be Realistic - Everyone will grow old. Our skin will surely age soon which we can't stop but taking care of our skin will help delay aging.
  • Heart - Take extra care for your heart as it is the organ that pumps blood throughout our body. Having a good blood circulation is the reason why your skin looks healthy.
  • Stress - Avoid stress as this can be a very huge factor in making your skin look dull and unhealthy. 
  • Non Invasive Treatment - a few skin services here and there can be helpful in achieving a youthful skin such as the Photoplethysmography. It is a method that determines the age of your artery with the impact of stress and lifestyle and it helps you gauge what you need to change and maintain.
  • You are what you eat and what you drink - Take food and drinks that can give your body the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs. For a youthful glow, try to eat berries, salmon, almond, walnuts, spirulina and green leafy vegetables. These items also contain anti-inflammatory properties that help reverse ageing of arteries. 
Truly, it is great to take care of your skin through skin care products but it is equally important to take care of your whole body from within. Looking young is something everyone wants to achieve but feeling young from the inside is the key to age gracefully.

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