Achieve whiter and younger looking skin with Carabella Pure Collagen

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I must say that when it comes to applying skin care products, may it be on my face or body, I tend to be meticulous because ever since I had a baby, my skin has become very sensitive. I don't really know how and what triggered it, but since then, I've become more careful as to what products I use. 

Weeks ago, I was invited by my dear friend Allan of Fab Functions PH to attend a Beauty product launch of Carabella Pure Collagen. At first I was a bit hesitant because it was my first time to hear the brand but after a few research here and there where I learned that its ingredients came from Japan and that it is the only skin care line in the Philippines with Pure Collagen, I became very excited to be a part of the event.

The launch happened last September 24, 2016 at the Kabila Museum Cafe. It was a simple gathering of beauty bloggers together with the GoldenRey Marketing (company behind Carabella) and their distributors. It was a great way for them to introduce the brand and the skin care line. There were actually quite a lot of Carabella Pure Collagen products such as the Pure Collagen Soap with Kojic, Pure Collagen Soap with Glutathione, Pure Collagen Cream to Powder, Pure Collagen Cream with Elastin and Alpha Arbutin, Pure Collagen Placenta Cream with SPF30, Pure Collagen Bleaching Night Lotion, Pure Collagen Day Lotion, Pure Collagen Perfecting Toner, Deo Whitening Spray and the Belleieshua Pure Collagen Drink, Pure Collagen Shampoo and Pure Collagen Conditioner.

The Carabella Skin Care line, except for the Belleieshua Pure Collagen Supplement Drink, is made in the Philippines using Pure Collagen imported from Japan. Since it is made locally, Filipinas can purchase them at affordable prices. 

"We noticed that there's a dearth in the market today on reliable, effective, high-quality skin care products but at more affordable prices. Carabella wanted to change that. Our collagen is sourced directly from Japan because that's where the best skin care ingredients come from. Our goal is to assure Filipinas that they do not have to spend more just to be beautiful. Carabella is here for them," shares Reynaldo Ignes, President and Managing Director of the GoldenRey Marketing.

Also present during the event are their brand ambassadors with one of them even discussing why we should try the Carabella Pure Collagen Skin Care Line because according to him, not only is it a very effective product but they are indeed priced reasonably. 

What made me even more excited is that they gave us a basket full of Pure Collagen Products! I can't wait to try them all because I would love my skin to lighten and I would like to know if the products are truly effective. I would like to thank Allan Bobis, Lani Banzon and Lani Suzon of Fab Functions PH for inviting me to be part of the Carabella product launch. I enjoyed the experience and the food as well. 

For those interested to purchase Carabella Pure Collagen products, it is now available in major cities nationwide through beauty agents and direct sellers but you can also avail them online through the Carabella Online Shop and Lazada. If you have any inquiries and you want to learn more about the brand, you can call them at 7825069 and at 09154758372 or you can email them at You can also follow them on their social media accounts to get updates on promos or events: Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Hi !What are the effects of the Carabella products to you and how long did it take to see the effect? Thank you!



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