The Nutrient Powerhouse in a Capsule: Mor-C-Vit

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As a working mom who routinely goes to the office from 8:00am to 5:00pm and returns home to take care of two very energetic kids, I must admit that it can be very exhausting. Doing backlogs such as articles and blog posts and attending events instead of getting a good night sleep also adds to the fatigue that I may experience the next day. It will not only make my mind and body feel tired but it can also weaken my immune system resulting to catching viruses and bacteria easily. That would be a very bad situation for a mom like me to get ill because my kids might get sick as well.

What's worse is that I work at a Company's clinic where not so healthy employees are present in a regular basis. It can be very scary so we use protective equipment such as facial masks to prevent transfer of bacteria/virus from carriers to us health providers. Hand washing and the use of alcohol/sanitizer can also be a great preventive measure to keep us healthy. Last but not the least, taking supplements such as Vitamin C is a very good way to keep you healthy.

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is essential in the growth and development of an individual. It is a very much needed vitamin for the repair of tissues, bones, cartilage and teeth and also a great antioxidant that blocks damages to the body caused by excessive "free radicals" which may lead to serious illnesses.

Since ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin, a part of your intake would be flushed out of your system on a regular basis, which is the reason why Vitamin C should be included in your daily meals or better yet, take Vitamin supplements everyday. Thanks to my friend Roselle of Snapped and Scribbled, I learned about Mor-C-Vit.

Mor-C-Vit is not your usual Vitamin C supplement because it contains Moringa or more commonly known as Malunggay. Yes, the small leaves included on one of my favorite Filipino dish, Tinola, is considered as a Miracle Tree because every part of that plant has a medicinal value. Here are some of the health benefits that you get from consuming Moringa:

  • It is said to contain 7x the Vitamin C of an orange,
  • 4x the Calcium in milk,
  • 4x the Vitamin A in carrots,
  • 3x the Potassium in bananas and
  • 2x the Protein in milk.
  • plus, it has more than 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidant.
To know more about Mor-C-Vit, check out the video below:

With all those benefits, Moringa is actually considered by many to be the most nutritious plant discovered. This is highly recommended for lactating mothers as it can be very effective in making breast milk for our babies. (Consult your Obgyne at all times in taking food supplements) I've experienced it first hand when I breastfed my kids back when they were just months old and it really is effective. 

I have been taking this supplement for a week already but it's still not a long time to be able to attest on its effectivity but I will continue taking one tablet a day because this nutrient powerhouse really has a lot to offer. Not only does it strengthen our immune system, it also:

  • Speeds up metabolism and enhances digestion,
  • Boosts energy without stimulants,
  • Helps balance cholesterol levels in the body and
  • Helps lower blood sugar levels
Mor-C-Vit is distributed by Salutare Inc. which is also the company behind Growrich Virgin Coconut Oil in a capsule and Sunburst Saw Palmetto. For more information about these products, check out Salutare Inc's Website or you may contact 09272040480. Mor-C-Vit is also available at all Mercury Drug stores nationwide. Check it out now!

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  1. I should share this with a few of my colleagues who are working moms! Good read :)

  2. This is the reason why I love malunggay as well. The small leaves look so unassuming, but every bit packs a lot of nutrients!

  3. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this. A lot of people can definitely benefit from this. I know malunggay has a lot of great benefits. I know a lot of people who's overall health has changed thanks to it. Thanks for sharing this. Great information. Keep it up!

  4. Right. I have not one but several officemates who backed out/resigned from work after giving birth. Being a mom is hard and it's twice as hard when it's their first time to nurse a baby. Taking Mor-C-Vit will help for sure.

  5. Well this is Moringa and I have heard so much about its health benefits. I think it is OK to take this as long as you are fully aware that this has no proven therapeutic effects.

  6. I would like to try this, Vitamin C is good for our skin, important for the body and overall health.

  7. I take another Vitamin C supplement. I've never heard of this one before though. I wonder if I can find it here.

  8. i like moringa, esp in my tinola. <3 the best!
    this is a nice supplement. tho i take sodium ascorbate for vit c.

  9. I was wondering why it was half green until I saw that it also contains malunggay. It's awesome to have a vitamin c supplement like this, definitely worth a try!

  10. I'm not a fan of supplements, actually. But perhaps other people I know will be interested to have this article sent to them.

  11. I am not taking any vitamins except for vitamin D. I really miss the natural herbs and spices we have in the Philippines, like malunggay and fresh buko juice. How I wish mor-c-vit is also available in Europe.

  12. That's impressive handling a day job, having two kids and your blog. You'll definitely need all the energy you can have.

  13. I've never heard of this product before but I would definitely love to try when I come across it someday! :D

  14. You are a supermom! And supermoms need to stay super so good job for making an effort to really take care of yourself. I will check out Mor-C-Vit.

  15. Wow!!! Its indeed a bit difficult to work in a clinic with ill people and get back to little children at home who might have slightly less tolerance. Extra vitamin tablets apart from healthy food is necessary for both you and the kids.

  16. I might check this one out. Interesting thing. Was looking for something like this lately. Glad to bump into this post now. :)



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