Lyra Swimwear - Feel sexy without showing too much skin

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Ever since I came here in Saudi Arabia, I've been used to covering myself outside because of the need to use abaya wherever you have to go. Taking food in the cafeteria, buying something in the nearest store from home or even just receiving a delivery, you have to be covered. It is their tradition so we have to respect it and follow while we are in their homeland. 

But now that it's summer, it made me miss the beach and we decided to travel to Jeddah and spend a few days there. We went to Obhur and it came to my mind what locals wear while swimming because my friends told me that they are still using abaya even when in the water. So I did a little research and I stumbled upon Islamic/Full Coverage Swimsuits

This is perfect for me because my skin gets dark easily even if I apply sunblock. The designs are also very nice and the fact that I won't offend anyone around me from showing too much skin is a plus. Although these can be expensive than regular swimwear, I'm planning to have even just one in case I will be needing again in the future. 

What's even better with this Lyra Swimwear is that the material they are using is quick drying, chlorine resistant, high quality and it has UPF 50+ protection against UV rays. 

What I also love about this is that the skirt can be detached, depending on the coverage you want and to make your swimwear more feminine. There are more styles you can choose from but this one caught my attention.

Definitely, feeling sexy doesn't mean to show too much skin. It still depends on how you wear the suit and how you carry yourself. Hoping to own one of this in the future. How about you? What's your opinion on these types of swimwear? Comment it down below.

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