How to Break Out of a Style Rut

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 How to Break Out of a Style Rut

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While there is more to life than the way you look, there is no doubt it plays a crucial role in how people view themselves and others around them. Fashion and beauty are about so much more than clothes and products. What you choose to wear and the way you style yourself is a form of self-expression, a way to show the world who you are, how you perceive yourself, and what matters to you. Rather than being a frivolous subject, your appearance is something for you to value and cultivate. After all, taking time and care over your appearance is a way to nurture and nourish your body and help it feel at its best. 

While there is no question your appearance and personal style are important, it is still easy to lose sight of this. The world is a hectic place, and everybody is preoccupied with the business of getting through the day, building a career, paying their bills, tidying their house, and all the other essentials of modern life. When there is little free time available, spending time thinking about what to wear and how to care for your skin and body are often overlooked. Stress, busyness, and not enough hours in the day can make it easy to slip into a style rut and not even realise it. Days, weeks, months, and even years can pass before people even notice the way they look is not making them feel good and that they have been simply wearing the same outfits on rotation for the past decade.

Reclaiming your personal identity and breaking free from the abyss that is a style rut can seem impossible. When the disparity between the way you look and the way you feel is vast, you may be unsure where to begin. If you are ready to break out of a style rut and refresh your look, you should find some of these tips helpful:

Get Back to Basics

For many people, being stuck in a style rut also means they have stopped taking care of other parts of their appearance. If your beauty routine has diminished to the point that it now consists of splashing cold water on your face each morning, it is definitely time for a change. Taking care of your skin is a nurturing habit that improves your appearance and has a soothing effect on your mind. Examining your skin before you start your new beauty routine is helpful. Speaking to a professional can also be beneficial to gain a clearer idea of the condition of your skin and how it can be improved. For example, are your skincare concerns acne, or maybe fine lines are an issue for you? Once you know which areas of your skin to target, you can choose how you are going to treat it. Will you opt for a procedure such as a facelift, or are you planning to carry out treatments at home to improve your skin?

Whatever skincare options you choose, it is crucial to take great care of your skin from now on and make your new skincare ritual a habit that sticks.

Perform a Wardrobe Detox

Carrying out a wardrobe detox can be a liberating experience when you have been wearing the same outfits for years. Getting rid of pieces that no longer make you feel good and don’t reflect your personality and style is the first step towards reclaiming your style and only wearing clothes that make you feel great. By removing these items from your wardrobe, you will no longer be tempted to put them on and slip back into your style abyss. 

While you sort through your wardrobe, you will probably find a few pieces that you absolutely love and haven’t worn in a long time. It is pieces like this that help you reconnect with your style, bridge the gap between your current wardrobe, and populate it with new pieces that work for you and your new look.

Dress How You Want to Feel

As self-expression and freedom to be yourself are two of the most crucial gifts that reclaiming your appearance offers, choosing your new style carefully is essential. Showing yourself respect by taking great care of your skin and body is an excellent starting point. But, the next step is to choose clothing and makeup based on the way you want to feel when you wear it. If clothing is going to be your armour, it is best to choose it wisely.

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