My journey as a part time blogger/influencer

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Let me start off this blog by introducing myself. Hello! I am Yvonne, a 30 year old single mother with two lovely kids. I am a nurse by profession and currently working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a nurse anesthesia technician for more than a year. My hobbies include singing, dancing, watching Netflix, eating, playing online games, cooking/baking and a lot more. 

If I remember it correctly, I officially started blogging back in 2013 just too share my food and travel adventures. I used photos that were stored on my smart phone and started from there. I decided to use word press before and bought my own domain. I was already gaining readers back then when unfortunately, my site was hacked maybe 2-3 times which made me feel devastated. Some said it was because of the themes I used in word press so I had to start anew. I changed to blogpost and registered my domain in Go Daddy. 

After being able to write new posts again, I began joining blogger groups in Facebook. This was when I started to be part of campaigns, reviews and even attending PR events. It was such a fun experience for me since it was all new to me. Then I met blogger friends, PRs and saw my favorite actors and actresses during the launches of products that they were endorsing. I was mind blown at first, but after a while I got used to it, but I must say that every event was such a precious moment for me. At this point I was already able to receive products, gift certificates and even money as token for creating press releases and attending events. I can't say that it was already income generating because sometimes, the travel fee I'm spending to go to these events were more than what I am receiving in return. Although, that's fine cause what I am witnessing and experiencing in the events are worthwhile. 

These were from 2014-2017 when I was still working in a company that has a not-so hectic schedule. But when I had to work in a hospital setting, I literally stopped attending events and had no time to do blogging. The 12-16 hours shift for 5 days a week was too draining that I didn't have the energy to make even one article per week. Luckily, I found some PRs that regularly sends me blog opportunities that has monetary rewards in return. This help me to financially maintain my site since I have to pay yearly for my domain. 

Up till now, I am receiving blog opportunities from different countries and I am thankful for these campaigns as it is a great side line especially now in this pandemic where a lot of people lost their jobs and started working from home. I am beyond grateful for the trust they have given me as well as to my followers who are always there to support my blogs and my social media posts. Definitely makes my heart flutter whenever they like and share my content.

Truly being a blogger/influencer is a fun passion but make sure that what you share to your followers are the truth and opinions you truly believe in. Being known is one, but being true is a another story. 

Are you interested to be a blogger/influencer? Which niche do you have in mind? Do you have any questions on how to start and what to do first with regards to website or domain. Comment down below and I might know the answer to your queries. See you around!

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