Faruj Al Baith Najran

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It was my third day in Najran and me and my friends decided to try going with the free transportation provided by the ministry. Every Saturday we have 2 free rides, one in the morning going to Al Khaldiya and one in the afternoon, going to Alfaisaliyyah. We went to both, but I will be sharing with you the restaurant we went to during the afternoon when we went to Al Faisaliyyah. 

My friends who had been working in KSA suggested that we go to this broast restaurant somewhere in Al Faisaliyyah. I didn't know what broast is so I had no idea what we were about to buy. 

Apparently, it's a method of cooking chicken and/or other food using a pressure fryer using techniques marketed by Broaster Company. 

This is my first time to try Broast Chicken and it's safe to say that my first broast is from Faruj Al Baith here in Najran.

I forgot the exact location but it's near a bank and near the area in Al Faisaliyyah's gold market. We waited outside since it was salah, then after, we came inside the restaurant. It has an ample amount of tables and chairs since we were 11 and we didn't feel congested inside. 

They have different items to choose from. Here is there menu:

I ordered Fish Broast and asked to make it spicy. 

Fish Broast

It comes with a burger bun, a bag of shami bread, garlic sauce and the green spicy sauce which I loved so much. It also has fries but I already consumed all while we were in the bus going home. I liked that the fish broast has the right spice to it, not too much. It was also crispy and very tasty but not too oily. The fries was also not too salty and there was a generous amount of fries on my order. 

My friends ordered chicken broast but it didn't have a burger bun with it.

The chicken was also very tasty, crispy and not too oily, there were 4 pieces included on their order, shami bread, fries and two types of sauces as well. 

This was definitely a great first time for me because the food was great and the price is affordable. Although it was a bit far from our place. But they have free delivery for those who are far from Al Faisaliyyah. Just contact: 0175225090. Really a must try for those new in Saudi Arabia. I'll definitely try the other items on their menu soon.

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