How can a birth injury impact your life?

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When you arrived at the hospital to give birth, you expected to leave with your beautiful baby in your arms, not be lumbered with the impact of a birth injury that could have been avoided. When giving birth, some injuries such as moderate bleeding, bruising and grazes are unavoidable, however, when a mother experiences a traumatic birth injury it can impact her for the rest of her life. 

If your birth has been mismanaged, or your injuries have been the result of negligence, then you may have a personal injury case on your hands. You may be familiar with parents reaching out to personal injury lawyers on behalf of their babies that have suffered injuries – check out this cerebral palsy lawyer in Fort Wayne for more information – but mothers who suffer at the hands of negligible medical teams can also file incidents. 

Here we’ll take a look at how a birth injury can impact your life.

Your quality of life may be affected 
If you suffered from a prolapsed uterus that wasn't treated properly, damage to your pelvic floor muscles or you experienced an episiotomy during birth then you could be left with all kinds of issues that impact the rest of your life. Such as incontinence. You may find sex too painful and you may find yourself unable to enjoy life as much as you did. If the proper procedure wasn't followed or damage wasn't repaired correctly, then the quality of your life will certainly be affected.

Mental health problems 
When you go through a traumatic birth that could have been avoided or you and your baby are severely injured then not only are you physically impacted, but your mental health can be affected too. Mental health issues such as PTSD and even post-natal depression can have a severe impact on your life and in some cases, require a huge amount of therapy and treatment to recover. 

Bonding with your baby issues
When you have experienced a traumatic birth, you may find bonding with your baby difficult. The lack of control you felt in the situation, the fact that the baby may be injured, guilt about the situation, fear for the baby’s life and the severe physical pain that you’re still experiencing can all contribute to bonding issues. All of which could have been avoided.

Being unable to work
If the injuries you suffered are extensive, or your child was injured during birth then you may need to have more time off work then you initially planned which means a potential loss of earnings. A worrying time for any new parent! 

Having the birth of your child marred by a birth injury is incredibly distressing. Consider reaching out to a personal injury lawyer.

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