5 things you should do after a motorcycle accident

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Motorcycles are so much more than just ways to get from A to B. They’re a way of life. A passion and so much more than that. The speed, the power and the fact that they look fantastic are just some of the reasons millions of people invest in motorcycles each year.

Sadly, riding a motorcycle puts you at more risk of being involved in a road accident that isn’t your fault. You seemingly have less protection than other motorists and car drivers often struggle to see motorcycle riders until it’s too late. You could also be a victim of a motorcycle accident due to poor road conditions. Get in touch with an Aurora motorcycle accident lawyer if you have found yourself a victim and want to find out more information about what to do next.

So, what should you do if you’ve been involved in an accident? Read on for some simple straightforward tips. 

Check for injuries 
Are you hurt? Are you in pain? Chances are you’ve probably sustained some kind of injury; however, you should remain still and keep your helmet on if your injuries are related to your back, neck or head. The emergency services should be called immediately. If you're able to stand, get away from the wreck for your own safety. 

Talk with the emergency services
Receive medical attention as soon as it arrives, remember that your health is the most important thing here. When the police arrive, make sure you give them as detailed an account as you can give them. Avoid paraphrasing or trying to assume you know what happened, just stick to the event and what happened. You should also avoid admitting fault at this stage. You should also obtain a copy of the police report for insurance purposes and for your personal injury case.

Swap details with the other party
Again, avoid admitting fault, just get as much information from the other party as you can. Name, contact details, details about their vehicle and insurance details etc. Remain calm and try not to get angry! 

Take photographs of the scene
The damage to your bike and the other vehicle, the injuries sustained, the state of your leathers and protective gear, the road conditions and even the weather. Taking photographs of the scene will help you with your insurance claim and your personal injury case. You should also avoid getting your bike fixed at this stage. 

Reach out to a lawyer! 
Get your claim moving by reaching out to a lawyer as soon as possible.

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