Unboxing A'Bloom Beauty Box

11:11:00 AM

Women love gifts and surprises. It would be very nice to open a box especially if it is is filled with items that can make you feel beautiful and happy. That's what I felt when I received another box of goodies from Althea Korea! Say hello to one of their newest brand, A'bloom:

A'bloom's first products are composed of masks, puffs and a blackhead blaster. At the moment, they have a total of 4 masks with uber cute names: the Ac-me-peach which is an antiblemish mask, the Sparkle-me-bright which is a brightening mask, the Avo-cuddle-me which is a nourishing mask and the Water-me-long which is a moisturizing mask.

A piece costs only P20.00 and when you get a bundle of 10, you only pay for P180.00. No wonder that once these were launched up to this date, these products are sold out. It is very affordable and I can honestly say that it is a very hydrating mask as I was able to try the Sparkle-me-bright mask upon receiving this package.

Next is their BHA Blackhead Blaster, which is a very handy stick and the very 1st natural BHA that removes not just black but also white heads minus the pain of peel of masks. This product is said to deeply cleanse, purify and clarify pores using natural ingredients such as white willow, charcoal, apricot seed and tea tree leaf oil. 

Again, I was able to try the product and after rinsing it off, it actually made my skin feel a bit smooth. Will definitely use the product as often as possible to know if it does work like other blackhead remover without the chemicals, etc. You can get your own BHA Blackhead Blaster for P200.00 at the Althea Korea app/website.

Lastly, I got their cute Meringue puffs which is available in two sizes, the 1pc Giant Meringue Puff and the 3pcs Baby Meringue Puffs. These cute puffs are made of high density non toxic and latex free foam which a high quality material for the perfect puff. It can either be used wet or dry depending on what you want to achieve: for glossy skin, use it wet and for matte finish, use it dry. This puff also expands to 1.5x for fast and even coverage for wide areas of our face. 

I already tried it once and compared to the usual foam, it is quite gentle when dabbed in the skin. It is also easy to use even if it is your first time to use a blender or if you are used to applying make up with a brush or your finger. Definitely a must try. Get yours for P100 for the giant puff and P140 for the 3pc small puffs.

I'm very excited to share with you these new items from A'bloom and I can't wait to try more products from Althea Korea so I could tell you my first hand experiences with their high-quality products. Comment down below your own experiences with Althea Korea products! ♥️

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