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One of the things that I look forward to during the first quarter of the year is planning our company's summer outing. I try to look for a great venue, exciting team building activities at a very affordable price. The problem is, our budget is usually not enough, so most of the time, we end up renting a private pool with accommodation.

If i remember it right, the last time I was able to attend a legit team building was when I was still a student during our leadership training and recently I was very lucky to be part of Tag Media's Baguio Blogger Getaway (thanks to Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas) where we tried out Tree Top Adventure Baguio's team building activities as well as their motorized rides.

photo grabbed from Orlee Pasion

Located at Special Tourism Economic Zone, Camp John Hay, Loakan Road, Baguio City, Tree Top Adventure Baguio (TTAB) is a nature park established last 2010 that offers motorized rides (the first in the country) and team building activities that involve mechanisms/equipment. All of the rides are very safe and TTAB Staff who are trained in Standard First Aid, Industrial Rope Access Work and Basic Rope Access Rescue are always on standby if ever something unwanted happens inside the park. 

Prior to entering the park, you have to pay a P100 fee which is consumable and can be used in trekking and rides. After payment, you need to attend a brief orientation that will tackle restrictions/prohibition from trying out the rides such as being under the influence of alcohol/drugs, pregnant, heart conditions, height requirement (must be 3'8 above), extreme fear of heights, subject to motion sickness, recent minor/major surgery and other medical concerns. Your furry friends are also not allowed in the pavilion. 

So for the first day of our Baguio Bloggers Getaway, we were grouped into two teams: Team Pia and Team Tanders. We were tasked to perform different team building activities that must be finished at the fastest time possible. Points will then be totaled and the winning team will be revealed. 

Team Tanders - photo grabbed from Orlee Pasion
photo grabbed from The Filipino Rambler

Here are the team building activities that we had to do (For 8 activities: P800/person and for 10 activities: P1000/person)

1. Team See-saw: Your team must balance in this Kamikaze-inspired see-saw for 5 seconds till the propeller turns and a buzzer goes on. You must check the light seen in the middle which indicates if you are not balanced (red) or balanced (green). This will test your group's patience and communication skills. 

photo from Tree Top Adventure
We had a hard time finishing our first activity (4 minutes +) so I'm pretty sure we lost this one. Make sure that you also follow the instructions of your facilitator to avoid any injuries/incidents.

2. Loop Lift: You must balance all the marbles found on each of your handle bars as well as the marble at the center of your contraption and you must transfer it onto the station at the fastest time possible. This activity will surely test your patience and coordination. 

I think this was the easiest although we didn't know at first that we can have three tries and that we should transfer it to the other station as fast as we can. So I guess we lost this as well.

3. Gem Drop: There are a number of ropes that you have to pull or loosen to control the hook that you will use to get the "gem" and to shoot it in the correct container. Again, you should place all three gems in their containers at the fastest time possible. This will also test your coordination.

We had a hard time on this activity as well. We were supposed to quit after our first gem but then we decided to finish all three. In the end, we felt really happy and proud of our achievement even though we finished this at around 30 minutes.

4. Bar Lifter Balancer: Your group must raise all your metal bar at a certain height to turn on the buzzer using ropes. Seems easy but each metal bar has a marble that you have to balance during the process. A minimum of 2-3 marbles are allowed but more than that means you failed the activity. This will test the group's patience and coordination.

It looks really complicated but we were very happy to have done this in 2 seconds! But the fastest recorded time for this activity is 1 second. 

5. ABC Game: Members of the group should form two lines and should be standing back to back. A member should shout a letter of the alphabet then another member should shout for the next letter (should not be beside or at the back of the last member who shouted a letter) till they finish reciting the 26 letters in proper sequence. You need to stay focused and aware the whole time to get the fastest time possible.

photo from Tree Top Adventure
This is by far my favorite among all the team building activities we tried. It was fun especially during the time when we wanted to beat our fastest time. Plus the view was magnificent as we did the ABC Game at the Sky Walk.

6. Pipeline: Each member should hold a bamboo pipe using one hand which will be used to transfer a rolling pingpong ball from the starting line up to the small bucket at the finish line but make sure that you do this fast without letting the ball fall off the pipes. 

photo from Tree Top Adventure
This is the by far the hardest out of all the activities we tried because it requires speed, focus, coordination and a whole lot of patience every time the ball falls out of the pipe and even in the basket itself. Yes, we were that close to finishing the activity then we weren't able to shoot it inside the bucket. Just imagine the relief we felt after we completed the Pipeline. 

7. Plank Step: Members will use 4 planks to transfer from the starting point going to the finish line without touching the ground/floor. You must reach the end point at the fastest time possible.

This requires balancing because you need to fit all your members in 4 planks, especially the last person because once you reach the end point, you have to pick up each plank making you stand up and go down a few times.

8. Treasure Hunt: It has 3 parts. First, you have to arrange a puzzle that will show where the hidden treasure is. Once you see the X mark, ask 2 of your members to run and get the "Bulol" or the statue. Once they return with it, the facilitator will give you the last part of the hunt which is a secret code that you need to figure out. First team to finish all three parts will win this activity.

photo grabbed from The Filipino Rambler
photo from the Tree Top Adventure
We were the first team to finish the Treasure Hunt Game, thanks to Redgy who was able to answer the secret code. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to make us win against Team Tanders. Great job guys! 

photo from Tree Top Adventure
It was a tiring day but we had so much fun trying to complete the tasks. Too bad that we didn't win, but still I'm very proud of how our group, Team Pia, performed that day. To energize and to refresh ourselves, we went back to our hotel

For the second day of our Baguio Bloggers Getaway, we were supposed to try out all their motorized rides (if we do not have anything that can be found in the prohibition). Since I don't have any problem when it comes to my health, I am allowed to experience every ride.

I am scared of heights. But when they assured us that their motorized rides are very safe plus we get to wear heavy duty ropes/harnesses, I was convinced to give it a try.

1. Tree Drop Adventure Rappelling: It is the ultimate rappelling adventure/free fall down the side of a 60 feet tree. (P150.00)

video from Orlee Pasion
video from

The scariest part was when he asked me to let go of the metal bars and completely hang face down, then you realize your up at 60 ft. Then everything else after that was fast paced. Just let it all out. Scream if you want to. Then seconds after, your back on your feet. Awesome experience. Although I'm not sure if I'll try it again soon.

2. Tree Top Trekking Adventure: I then decided to hike first, going to the Superman Ride so that it would be less walk after that. It is near the Sky Walk, but you have to go down that steep steps to reach the riding zone ad then go up at that same steps after. Tiring, but worth it. (P100.00)

Here's a Facebook Live I did after our ABC Game at the Sky Walk as we trek back to the pavilion.

3. Ultimate Adventure Superman Ride: It is a zip line at 150 feet high where you get launch from a tower. You will be pulled back fast first and then once you reach the other end, you get launch forward fast as well. Enjoy the view of the Itogon Mountains to forget about how high you really are. Enjoy the moment alone or with a friend. (P300.00)

I was scared trying this I thought I might be able to sustain holding on to that bar in front, but thankfully, I survived superman ride! Enjoy the view on your left, which is the Itogon Mountains.

4. Tree Top Adventure Silver Surfer: Surf and glide your way back and forth with a view of the wilderness. May be enjoyed alone or with a friend. (P200.00)

This was a fun ride but I felt scary every time it stops and then it starts to sway. I am also not too confident to sit on the rope which was the right way to ride the silver surfer. I preferred holding on to the bar the whole time. 

5. Tree Top Adventure Canopy Ride: The most relaxing ride out of all the other rides I tried that day. You just have to sit with 3 friends. It is still high at 100 ft but the ride is quite slow so I was brave on this one. (P250.00)

I love the views during the canopy ride except that one time where you only see trees beside you and under your feet. By the way, this is the best route that you should try to avoid long walks from one ride to another. 

My Tree Top Baguio Adventure experience was indeed a memorable one because I was able to try a lot of new things: the team building activities and of course the heart-pumping motorized rides. I definitely enjoyed it and I highly recommend that you try all these soon. Thanks to Ms. Grace of Tag Media for the opportunity and to Sir Jace and Sir Riley of Tree Top Adventure Baguio for accommodating us. Will surely bring my family here the next time I'll be in Baguio. 

For inquiries and reservations, you may contact (74)4420800/09324041112 or email You may also visit their Website for more information and follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to get updates on ongoing events and promos.

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